Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Happy Day Haiku :) (For the Sailor Who Took Home a Poem :) )

True blue to your club
Truer yet, to your glowing bride!
Happy Day, her Cap'n!!!

Happy Birthday, Arjun S. Kumar! May the sweet joy of this day permeate the rest of the year! God Bless!

23 December, 2011
For 28 December, 2011

(Title tagline, credit to Sachin Stalin who titled the album of Arjun's and Sashu's wedding pictures, thus :) )

Friday, 23 December 2011


In nods, in tiny smiles
In glances on off chances
And accidental brushes
With the finger tips
Or a swish of clothes
While moving by.

In sudden stealth
Of secretive looks
In gleams of warmth
Like embers coated in ash
That, with breaths of love
Glow, in anticipation.

Your whispered words
Of adoration. Are they
Just superfluous?

Listen to a version of it :)

23 December, 2011
(Chasing a word niggling my head. Title :D)

Thursday, 15 December 2011


In daily consciousness
Is oblivion-
Memories to negate.
For, what lies in sight
And impinges upon the ear
Oft, are we blind and deaf to.

In forgotten realms
Abutting that consciousness-
Is that where you place me?
Hovering on the fringe
Of your knowing?

Of course, not consciously.
But in off hand negligence
Living the taken-for-granted

I desist, though. And will
Willing myself 
To hammer against that wall
(Clear as glass and just as hard)
Of accidental denial.

Waiting for the pane
To shatter.
So that I can
Yet again, redeem you.

13 December, 2011

Fishing, again :D

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Pig (by Roald Dahl)

Two reasons for sharing this delightful poem.
One, it is for you Neeti: remember we were talking of Roald Dahl's short stories, and I mentioned this poem, much to shared laughter, at the name. Idiosyncratic, but utterly believable :D :D!

Two, am trying out the embedded audio player. I found out about this when I visited Trinath's blog, where he has included his own reading of his poetry. As I had a recording of this poem, for a young, talented performer at school, Priyanka Nair, I decided to try this out :)

Here's the poem:
The Pig, by Roald Dahl

In England once there lived a big
And wonderfully clever pig.
To everybody it was plain
That Piggy had a massive brain.
He worked out sums inside his head,
There was no book he hadn't read.
He knew what made an airplane fly,
He knew how engines worked and why.
He knew all this, but in the end
One question drove him round the bend:
He simply couldn't puzzle out
What LIFE was really all about.
What was the reason for his birth?
Why was he placed upon this earth?
His giant brain went round and round.
Alas, no answer could be found.
Till suddenly one wondrous night.
All in a flash he saw the light.
He jumped up like a ballet dancer
And yelled, "By gum, I've got the answer!"
"They want my bacon slice by slice
"To sell at a tremendous price!
"They want my tender juicy chops
"To put in all the butcher's shops!
"They want my pork to make a roast
"And that's the part'll cost the most!
"They want my sausages in strings!
"They even want my chitterlings!
"The butcher's shop! The carving knife!
"That is the reason for my life!"
Such thoughts as these are not designed
To give a pig great peace of mind.
Next morning, in comes Farmer Bland,
A pail of pigswill in his hand,
And piggy with a mighty roar,
Bashes the farmer to the floor…
Now comes the rather grizzly bit
So let's not make too much of it,
Except that you must understand
That Piggy did eat Farmer Bland,
He ate him up from head to toe,
Chewing the pieces nice and slow.
It took an hour to reach the feet,
Because there was so much to eat,
And when he finished, Pig, of course,
Felt absolutely no remorse.
Slowly he scratched his brainy head
And with a little smile he said,
"I had a fairly powerful hunch
"That he might have me for his lunch.
"And so, because I feared the worst,
"I thought I'd better eat him first."


Listen in (and tell me just how bad it was :P! Yes, I am fishing!! :D)

Note: For those who would like to try this out, let me tell you what I learnt from Trinath, via this poem of his, that I turned into a sort of chat window. :D He very patiently sorted it out for me: Take a look at this poem of his (called "Everything in place", yes it did fall in place, Trinath!):

9 December, 2011

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Death Smiles [Tanka in Tandem]

The beautiful rose

Tall, vain, proud- but now slain, lies

Picture-perfect on

The coffin of her mistress,

Whose hand fed that vanity!

Death waits and smiles in

Irony – the beautiful rose

Tall and proud, now his

Prize: another soul to take

Away – unexpected Gift!

30 April, ‘07

(Pictures from : ;

(I read this beautiful poem by Somkritya, here, which made me want to repost this tanka, from a collection of them posted way back, called Tantalizing Tanka :D)

Tanka, like Haiku, is again a form of Japanese Lyric Poetry.

[As you know by now, :) ] A Haiku works with 17 syllables arranged in 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables to each line, and evokes an aspect of nature and the seasons, with the last line holding the punch so to speak.

Tanka on the other hand gives the writer more space to work with – 31 syllables, arranged in 5 lines of 5/7/5/7/7 syllables each. Tanka is an older form of the lyric in Japanese… dating to 13 centuries ago, while Haiku is just about 3 centuries ago..

Tanka was mainly written between lovers, as society had accepted the fact that a man’s dallying with another woman, other than his wife was normal!! After the man departed early in the morning, he would send a Tanka to his lady love with his message of love..

Thursday, 1 December 2011


In splintered glass
Its shards - sharp, silently
Holding the shrieks
Deeply felt, unexpressed...

When mirrored hearts
Unable to take the
Screaming pitch of 
Untold grief
Simply shattered.

Broken pieces of emotion
Jagged ends of pain
Liquid molten ooze
To soothe the 
Calamitous infinite moment
That endless eternal moment
I never thought
I'd recover from.

The splintered glass
And shards
Mirrored again-
Multiple hues
Myriad dreams

From whole to parts
Complete in each
Broken incompleteness.

All is not lost.
Each minute dream
Grows rich again.

Each reflected colour
Promises life again-
Each sliver, on it's own
Finds itself again...

Life, it still has

2 August, 2011
(Written while supervising the senior children writing their poetry, on the theme, "Life, it still has meaning". :D)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Haiku- Tat tvam asi

Alone, in your grace,

When You say; tat tvam asi.

Quietude fills me.

30 November, 2011

Notes: (After an age, I went very early, in the morning, to the temple; the peace was tangible, the air crisp, the feeling of being one with the energy was deeply moving. As I returned, the lines "Aham Brahmasmi/ Tat tvam Asi" the Sanskrit sloka meaning, very simplistically, "I have the divine in me/ You are that (too)" kept repeating itself. I had to write this :) )

More on Haiku, here, with the explanation of what it is. Briefly, it is Japanese Art form, in writing, where you need to use limited number of syllables... only 17, arranged in 3 lines of 5-7-5. I

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rebell- I - ous

All it took-
Is being told
No you can't.
Who's in charge?

You take inherent interest
Away, forcibly
Then please expect
Innovative influx of
Engaging enthusiasm
To do
To be
Just That.

I shall not say
I told you so.
You ought to have
Learned it, by now.

If not, you,
Very sadly, confirm
A lingering suspicion.

I've wasted time.
On you.
On opinion.

About time I discovered
A happy truth.
I love being the rebel!

24 November, 2011
Online, on a rebel's reckless train of thought :P

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ms. Pea, the Princess!

Once upon a time
On a mid-November day
To happy parents, was born
A pert little Princess.

Full of face
Maidenly grace
A tomboy impishness
A child's innocence, openness
Quirks, and
Sudden spontaneity
Were all gifts she grew with, into,
And carries, even now

Pretty, is she? Oh yes!
Poetic? Undoubtedly, the best!
Passionate? About almost everything,
Especially a certain...*ahem*!!!
Pouty, petulant? Errrmmm, only to charm! :D
Playful? Always, as the child
She'll always be,
No matter however many years pass!


Pea? Ah! Therein lies a
Sweet fairy tale, of the Princess
Who enchanted (as a mermaid would, perhaps)
A sea-faring, handsome young man
Only to be enchanted herself... :)
Knowing, through lifetimes lived
And yet to live, he was the ONE
To complete her! Her Prince.
The other Pea, in the pod :D!

So Ms Pea, and her Handsome Pea
Will soon find their day, their way
To the ever after horizon...

But, wait -
No that , but this day
Is hers alone, to be celebrated
To be loved, all the more

To be always wished
All of life's happiness and love :) :)

Happy Birthday, Sash-
God bless! Always!
15 November, 2011, for 16 November, 2011 :)
Pic. stolen from Sash's DP on FB :D

Sunday, 13 November 2011


I live that predicate
"I know I love
Subject, myself,
to that infinite verb(iage)
Unto the object

I wonder. Do you?
That I have not
Pr(o)epositioned or
Claused myself in
Limiting with a "till ever, always"?

Never needed it.
Conditionally, though,
Or otherwise.

That I can connect,
Without linkers, then,
Is enough.

The linguistics of life,
Subject me, and so it is
My predicament, it would seem
To be that
Adjective, that
Embellishes you.

To be,
To act,
To adorn
in interjections
Of a constant

Yes, I do love you.

13 November, 2011
(Aleph. That it is)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


What takes perhaps
Momentary lapses of time
To learn, adopt and
Make one's own-

Takes an aeon or beyond
To unlearn-
If at all it can be.

Most especially if one carries
The habit, the memory,
The potential
Deep within the cell memory-

Coursing in the vein;
Tunnelled through the
Umbilical cord-
Aeons, generations down.

Learning has always been easy.
And Unlearning just that, the greatest challenge.

12 October, 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Patches on the ceiling

(This is post is entirely inspired by Arjun, the First Born, my caregiver (along with my parents and Chandrika), who insisted I had to be inspired by my forced inactivity, or rather my debilitating condition (lol), to write something with this title. His wish had come to be assayed thus :P. Happily enough, it is being typed out on his laptop.  )

These many days, past,
Prone, unmoving, almost
Enveloped in a fine mist of pain
I never saw
The patches on the ceiling.

They smoothened in a blur
As I lay on my back
And looked, eyes
Distant with the discomfort
That grew to be a part of me.

I felt, almost proudly, I now wonder,
In retrospect, my whole self
Neatly accomodating to pain.
And how I never demurred, protested
At its intensity. Vain, I certainly am!

Yet now, forced out of this
painful, accomodating complacency,
I sometimes writhe, hurting,
Crossing new thresholds of recovery...
The blur fades, focus sharpens
And I see the ceiling for what it is.

So like me.
Uneven, faint scars of reworked plastering.
Stretches smoothened, especially around corners...

And the patches, Oh yes-
Each one, clear, takng shapes
That make me smile.

And one, that stands out, distinct.
An ode, a toast perhaps
To a certain denizen of the region.
Long, slim, tapered at one end
Softly triangulared at the other
The entire length, pockmarked
With tiny peeling whorls of pain(t)
A shape bubbled out, by the damp.

So like my familiar friend, who visits
Each dusk, as the lamp lights,
To haunt my twilight wall. Our gecko!

And now, you know, I'm glad
I see, and know, those patches on the wall!

5 October, 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011

In Retrospect

Wallowing in time...
That brings back breaths
Of aeons past-
You prompt. You jolt.
I realize. And regret.
At the brilliant needlepoint
Of pain, accrued, in blue,
Sometimes red.
Bled cold with each pin-prick
In crafting this
Unforgiving image of my undoing,

If only there was time
To go back, before
Meeting unnamed destinies-
Time to undo that intricate
Weave, and weft, and warp
Of pain-
Undo, thread by painful
Thread, all my inconsistenties
My selfishnesses, thrust upon you-

A reprieve- at least, this day
I glimpse anew, that design
Of regret-
Knowing, absorbing,
Seeking and receiving
Your forgiveness.

Framed in acceptance,
Kept aside, with quietude-
Only to peek, when again
I may falter...
To guide, when I may lose
Myself, yet again,
Subjugated by insidious
Webs of duties that tie me down.

To seek strength, knowing
That I shall not, again,
Craft, of myself, another such
Mosaic of regret and pain.

25 September, 2011

Sunday, 11 September 2011


It must be said though I may be only molecular
That any and every effort I make is un-singular

I try and attempt to encourage the exemplar
Without achieving anything in particular

And so with this, rather minute, best-seen-with-a-binocular
Write, I rest my silly rhyme, most un-spectacular
Fearing you might go for the jugular!

11 September, 2011
(Fixated on writing, stubbornly, with "jugular". Sigh. Talk of losing one's mind. Lost my quill too. :D!)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Utopia or Misanthropia??

Was a time, they sighed
When this be a place
Flowed with milk of human kindness
And Honeyed words...

Was a time, he thought
When each rainy June
I'd bungle, burgle and
Flee, no loot to boot...

Is a time, now, we wonder
Where to has fled that milk and honey...
And he wonders, with awe
How I struck lucky this rainy August night
Booty and Loot and all!

Sigh. And Sigh alike
Regret. Rejoice.
This 'wonder' is here to stay!

Garbled scrambled (non)sense :D
1 September, 2011

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

For You, Neeti :)

Lovely, lissome
And always on the
Brink of Laugher

Charming Grace
Quiet understanding-
Great company on a
Binge of fun and frolic!

Resonating wavelenghts
With the empathy of knowing-
The said, more, the unsaid :)

Daughter Dear-
You are joy, you are light :)
And you are wished dearly
This day...

May God Bless you
With Love and Success...
May your fount of hope
Never run dry :)
May the brightest colours
Of your Dreams
Weave themselves into
The tapestry of
Happiness, and blessings, always :) :)

Happy Birthday, Neeti :)

30 August, 2011

(The previous post on this page is for Ashwin, my second born, to whom this daughter of mine, Neeti, is engaged :) :) Nicey nice :) :) )

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The words, when you began to speak
Were few, far between, and far fetched.
And fearing, there would be still fewer
I worried, brooded and talked endlessly
To you, at you, for you

Perhaps, I wonder, in hindsight
Were you waiting, till I had finished?
Most likely. I guess. No. I know.
When words came
After I had finally learned to stem the flow
My ears, and my heart filled
Brimming over were your utterances
And my pride.

The first step, so long,
The first word, as long
The rest, they followed,
Making no mistake the first ones did.
Oh boy! Oh boy! Did they not!

All through the years, till this day
I hold it close, I hold you close
Within, without. The pride in you
And all things yours...

A threshold awaits again,
A new road beckons,
Life places before you
New and beautiful destinies
More lovely yet, love unadorned

This day, I long for that tiny baby
In my arms, demanding and fretful
For whom I was the world :) :)
And yet again, this day, I love too
The handsome young man, smiling
At his demanding and fretful mom :) :)

My little one, let Joy and love,
Limitless and boundless
Fill each moment of your life,
May each thing you do be touched
With grace and benediction of the faith
You have, in yourself, and all of us
Who love you...

Happy Birthday, my dearest Ashwin...
Seize the day! Zindagi jo dobara nahin milegi :)

Written on 23 July, 2011
For the 3 rd of August, 2011
Inspired totally by ZNMD :D :D
Thanks for the pic, Malu... took it without prior permission :D

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Misty morning 

Mooring undone 

I drift. 

Wondering, wandering 

No pier in sight, and yet 


Breakers sound, in the distance 

As your call. 

Home. Harbour. A safe berth. I am born again.

2 August, 2011
Nonsensical yet... :)
Pic: Courtesy Google Image Search

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Did you call...

... today, and find no answering vibe?
Or, perhaps, that was just a fleeting
Poignant wistful daydream
That chanced upon my wayward wishes
And found one earnest, edgy, longing...

Did you? Or was that something
Someone, somewhere, calling from
A distant memory, suddenly surfacing
After an aeon of indifference?

I wish the haunting of my
Thoughts would cease...
Seize my senses, else, and
Draw them along the tracks
Pencilled in sepia shades
To that place we used to be...

To the fondest nook
Of the softest corner
Of our hearts.
Stupefied by traitorous time
In still, yet, tender talons.

O Love,

30 July, 2011
Pic: Courtesy Google Image Search :)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Can I, Please...

Ungrammatical I shall be
For I am not concerned with 

Rather the antics of 
A Drama Queen

She Lords, she Laughs
She dictates, she deigns
To condescend upon lesser mortals
The toss of her mane, and 
Ubiquitous sniggers
Irreverant to tradition, but
Oh yes! Loyal to fastidiousness 

Drumming up 
Strumming up
Stirring up from 
Her cauldron wild and wanton wiles
To fox, feign and frighten

Wilder yet the melodrama
(Though why it be called mellow drama
Confounds me yet...!)
When outfoxed, stared down
And talked to, for a change!

So, O Queen, Can I, please
(and grammar be damned!)
Laugh at you?

28 July, 2011
Seriously erratic today :D
(Pssst... can you see a smiling smiley? I cant... :( - I can now - 30 July.. :D)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


At what point does one stop
Being, and just be?
A process that is done
As against being done...

Looking outward of existence
Telescoping into myriad possibilities
Of want-to-live-in thoughts

Some call them dreams
Others, fantasy
Realists, escapism

A deep deep urge within
That will not let you be
That gnaws desperately
On frayed ends of intentions
Till you surrender

The intention
The Urge

Not just exist.

27  July 2010
Erratic Eccentricity 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Unbecoming of me perhaps
To prefer the chains that bind me.
Understanding that they make me stay
Not flit about, ether-like as those
Visitations within that seek expression-
Release, to wander endlessly, without

Should those chains fall away
My heart, it would then be free
And lost. Quite lost.
Winding and whirling like a kite

Bound, I am. 
(Boundless, though I know
I could be.)
So weigh me down.
Lest, unfettered, I loose me. 

26 July, 2011

Pic, Courtesy Google Images

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Indebted, for Better and Verse :)

To words here, rambles and far worse...
Govind, has been patient with his words in verse
Generous, quietly motivating making muses traverse
In a canvas of feeling, and gratitude, this is immerse(d)

(Cant even hold the rhyme consistently like he does!)

Many a verse, he gifts
And my spirit, it always lifts
Be it in humour, in jest
Or the topping, the crest
As it were, I sure have been blest

PRG, sometimes Govind he signs
His words, in verse, those lines
More precious than diamonds from mines :)

This wee bit of studied rhyme
All shoddy, but in good faith, and solid chryme
Is yours, Govind, and to keep-it's not worth THAT dime :D

And here's the list of your gifts to this page
All of which this rambler has decided to cage
In here, as wisdom from a sage
No less, for me, as I guage
Gorge and deeply assuage
The arrogant muse within :) :)

(See, I cannot even keep up that shoddy rhyme
Now that is nothing less than a crime :) )


Govind's words on Writes Here :

Life again: 
"The seed always lies dormant
in wait for a suitable agent
to make it grow lively & vibrant 
and bring forth flowers so fragrant"

And he inspired Salil to write this in:
"Love, I have experienced,
But never have I, like you, articulated.
Cloak of love, each of us wears,
Taking for granted, as we go on with our daily chores.


PS : My feeble attempt inspired by
PRG " aka Govind Ramachandran

A Full Circle:
"You always excel in the art
of writing about matters of the heart
while some pierces like a dart
the rest soothes like symphony of Mozart. "

In Reassurance:
"Even when YOU are 'within' ME
and trying hard to let me be
you'll fail for there are strands you can't see
to which this soul clings unwilling to be free.

Usha, just beautiful! "

"We have been missing you for awhile
glad you're back from the self imposed exile
now we can be treated to verses so virile
the mark of the inimitable usha's style.

Welcome back.A`very apt verse for the occassion "

"In a world where love is shared by ration
Usha, your heart is as deep as the ocean
in your wonderful display of your affection
I wish I was worthy of at least a fraction.

Just beautiful Usha. Welcome back in case you have missed my comments for your earlier post."

"We'd always love your cranium flooding
with thoughts that are so very dazzling
and arcs over synapses forming lightning
It is you that should be threatening.

Usha just beautiful. We only wish we get more of this. "

"What a lovely way to start the New Year
with offerings of verses that endear
the beat of the heart is so crystal clear
'we want more' we say who hold you dear
In the world of poetry you have no peer.

Welcome back. The wait was very much worth it. "

"I had to read this again and again
like peeling off layers of an onion
to get to the bottom of the ultimate union
the master and the minion meshed by a pinion
each word written is worth a million.

Usha,need more of this "

"The unknown beckons so inviting
but it is our ego that is limiting
or maybe what is known is comforting
and what we are unaware terrifying.

Usha simply wonderful. I was in Myanmar when I read this on my reader but couldn't comment as we can't access blogging sites there. "

"Like-minded,between them their souls they bare
Or wordlessly into each others eye they stare
Vying from their partners for love and care
Enamoured they say LOVE is in the air. "

"Your poems are better than a picture, for a picture is worth only a thousand words,
Whereas your poetry brings to its readers joy as would a flock of songbirds
though some of them would sound so cryptic like the clues of crosswords
Most of them that come straight from your heart
would pierce ours like swords."

"Is there a reason why something should exist?
some of things which we can never desist
and a few of them that will never be missed
God surely has not surely written such a list
everything is important that's life in a gist.

Very beautifully written Usha. "

"As we are sucked into the quicksand
Of Time and eternally bow to its demand
as it shrinks & expands in it's own command
we can only be as if acted by a magic wand. "

"There wasn't a slightest hint
and we can't lodge a complaint
for we haven't read the fine print
no siree we didn't.

There isn't a single deal or a relationship which is unconditional.

"Like a ripple turns into a wave,
about your Haiku I can only rave
How do you make the words behave
as if they are your own slave?

Simply Superb Usha. "

"They said that it was my first victory
competing against trillions to become me
A criminal goes back to the crime scene we see
but will a victor go back to the scene of victory?

"From the maturity of perfection in creation,Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?". Usha very profound and how very true. I feel jealous at your ability to constantly come out with such gems.

(The Rambler observes: I, Govind, am even more jealous of your writing!!)

"Of menage a` trois I have heard well // but an affair with eleven or twelve? // but all said and done I must tell // that your sweet post does in my heart dwelve, :-) :-) "

"Whats the object of your tirade // Is it because of something someone said // think of all your pupil who need to be led // and with those happy thoughts go to bed. "

"Ashwin, you should feel proud of your mother / Like her it is difficult to find another / Birthday wishes for now and many more years my dear / That your mom and you can happily celebrate together. Oh btw the girl standing next to you, is that your sister? :-) :-) :-) . Though belated this brings warm wishes for the double delight. "

"Words flowing like unending stream
joining together and without a seam
like ripples in sunlight they gleam
makes one wonder if we are in a dream.
As usual fantastic Usha. :)"

"It is so sweet that you wrote about daddy
who's there when you reach heights so giddy
or when you are beaten and come back all muddy
who will appreciate your work even if it is shoddy
the all knowning one who'll walk the holes with you like a caddy
however old you are you are still his kiddy
and in the whole world bestest of best buddy."
(not visible on the blog, but on Disqus)

"A lovely tale of the four
a post I couldn't but adore
though it is time for them to soar
your love and care they'll never ignore.

Are their characters based on their zodiac signs. I would love to meet the Geminian for obvious reasons :))"

"Sharing life for fifty long years. Through health and through tears. And also through sickness and cheers. May you continue to bring joy & happiness to all your nears and dears. Mum & dad happy golden anniversary."

Golden Moments (On Overdrive)
"Fifty glorious years of living together
helping each other, the challenges to weather.
A relation that caresses like a feather.
Golden wishes to your father and mother."

"Oh what sweet surrender
of a heart so tender
Fire leaping out from the cinder
and was love acting as a tinder?

Beautiful! "

"Memories like a foot in the door,
makes letting go a difficult chore.
Buried thoughts from the times of yore,
germinate from within as if from a spore.

Beautiful. Just loved it, especially the pun with "Period" "

"Was the passion caused by his anger?
or because she was flirting with danger?
or may be due to the fear of losing her?
or the frustration that he is no longer younger?

Red with anger, green with envy, yellow with fear and purple with frustration. Beautiful. "

"The lands smile when the skies cry
the tears leaving not even a speck dry
so too when love flows through the eye
there is no limit not even the sky.

Rain on more such poetry Ushs. "

"Is it a story of a lovely butterfly?
or of someone whom you want to glorify?
Or of woman who will willingly die
to be with the one she can always rely? "

"Like a white light cleaved to colurs by a prism
so too love, on life. causing a mighty spasm
and at the same time bridging a chasm
for wounds of time offering a healing cataplasm.

Thanks I learnt something new today teacher. :)

"Is there any other way?
than being a willing prey.
Whatever anyone may say
I just love yesterday.

A paradox, into the past by forgetting the past.

And finally I could resist. Paul Mcartney's YESTERDAY.

"When the jigsaw pieces finally fell into place
filling up rapidly the in between space.
Changing the ever contorted face and the grimace;
into something so beautiful and so full of grace.
Running eternally in circles to find some solace
here at last I chance upon the much needed peace.

Usha just wonderful. Hope you will get more time to write such soul stirring verse. "

"Though there are times that they seem to linger
when it is for me they somehow always slip through the finger
as if in revenge and veritable show of its anger
unable to balance the credit and debit in its ledger
eternally indebted will I pass away with unsatiated hunger?

Usha, beautiful verse. "

"Thoughts cling on like a burr,
giving warmth of a cosy fur
contentment of a cat's purr
and I do concur
that thoughts do blur
when love does occur.

I was reminded of this song when I read your verse. "

and the newest

"Worry not for the waning moon
as it will grow again very soon
and you will be granted a boon
for your love will hear your commune
and a butterfly will emerge from the cocoon. "

Edited to add, on 1 August, 2011

Govind's response to this write:

"Thank you for painstakingly putting my comments in a chain,
though to be witty, wise and clever they try to feign,
like the mushrooms that come with the rain,
what I write was also dull and so plain,
but as the string by the flowers they tie, fragrance attain
so too my drab verses in the bargain
of being in your blog, immortality gain
For letting me encroach upon your domain
I have to thank you again and again."

"Though to the stem is attached the flower,
it perhaps lets it to be more brighter
for definitely a little more longer
than if it were to detach and wither.

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out.
It doesn't matter much to me.

Always know sometimes think it's me, 
but you know I know and it's a dream.
I think I know of thee, ah yes, but it's all wrong.
That is I think I disagree.
'The Beatles'-"Strawberry Fields Forever""

"Usha please mind your p's and q's
and be careful when you air your views
for we don't know who might peruse
and understand that it is an abuse
then there are the appraisals and reviews.
I guess an equally erratic rant."

"I sit trying hard to recall
when from your grace did I fall?
All I remember are the times that did enthrall
when did our love run into the wall?
please tell me, for your call wait I shall."


To all the others too, who have been here, and consistent with their words, I am deeply grateful for your presence and for the way you share of yourself in your words. These, that I have shared are way beyond any of the rambles in this space, and I so wanted to share it with you all too. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

For now these are all I have, to share. Thank you, Govind, for sharing the wit, and the wisdom, in your unique manner, and making the writes here preen themselves for being decorated with it :) 

24 July, 2011


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