Sunday, 25 September 2011

In Retrospect

Wallowing in time...
That brings back breaths
Of aeons past-
You prompt. You jolt.
I realize. And regret.
At the brilliant needlepoint
Of pain, accrued, in blue,
Sometimes red.
Bled cold with each pin-prick
In crafting this
Unforgiving image of my undoing,

If only there was time
To go back, before
Meeting unnamed destinies-
Time to undo that intricate
Weave, and weft, and warp
Of pain-
Undo, thread by painful
Thread, all my inconsistenties
My selfishnesses, thrust upon you-

A reprieve- at least, this day
I glimpse anew, that design
Of regret-
Knowing, absorbing,
Seeking and receiving
Your forgiveness.

Framed in acceptance,
Kept aside, with quietude-
Only to peek, when again
I may falter...
To guide, when I may lose
Myself, yet again,
Subjugated by insidious
Webs of duties that tie me down.

To seek strength, knowing
That I shall not, again,
Craft, of myself, another such
Mosaic of regret and pain.

25 September, 2011

Sunday, 11 September 2011


It must be said though I may be only molecular
That any and every effort I make is un-singular

I try and attempt to encourage the exemplar
Without achieving anything in particular

And so with this, rather minute, best-seen-with-a-binocular
Write, I rest my silly rhyme, most un-spectacular
Fearing you might go for the jugular!

11 September, 2011
(Fixated on writing, stubbornly, with "jugular". Sigh. Talk of losing one's mind. Lost my quill too. :D!)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Utopia or Misanthropia??

Was a time, they sighed
When this be a place
Flowed with milk of human kindness
And Honeyed words...

Was a time, he thought
When each rainy June
I'd bungle, burgle and
Flee, no loot to boot...

Is a time, now, we wonder
Where to has fled that milk and honey...
And he wonders, with awe
How I struck lucky this rainy August night
Booty and Loot and all!

Sigh. And Sigh alike
Regret. Rejoice.
This 'wonder' is here to stay!

Garbled scrambled (non)sense :D
1 September, 2011


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