Thursday, 9 September 2010


Simplicity redefined
Refined to excellence!

A living symbol of
I am, you are;
Live fully
Let others do the same!

Yours are the strong arms
That first held us -
Led us, supported us
Guided us.

Hands that we now hold
Up, for all to see-
Strong, callused, dependable
Daddy's hands.

A heart that holds
More than words could ever tell
That goes beyond empathy
That makes you
His own.
A heart that knows
Only to love.
Daddy's heart.

In the universe of that love
Held close to your heart
In the circle of those capable hands


We rest secure
Because we're yours Daddy.
And proudest ever
To be so!

The love and strength
Will ever be all
The precious treasure
We ever need

With you by our side
Not a care in the world...

Because, Daddy, you're the best!!!

9 September, 2010


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