Sunday, 15 May 2011

Being Blessed...

...Is when you know for sure
There is one person who has the cure :)

For when you're dumped, dejected, stranded nowhere :)
Sick, befuddled, self-piteous, righteously angry, don't-want-to-care

... Is knowing too, how unconditional, how limitless, and how warm
How safe, caring, precious, those hands are; your shelter in any storm.

...Is finding that mother's lap, tucking your head down, snuggling close
Saying farewell, to all those things that are determined to make you morose :)

Being Blessed is knowing your mother.
And knowing, like her, there is no other :) :)

Happy Birthday Mummy!
You are the still point in all our turning, churning lives!
May we always be blessed to have the shield of your love
And may we always remember, we are because YOU ARE :) :)

15 May, 2011

(The egg-less cake was an unqualified success this time. Thanks to a Tarla Dalal recipe :P )


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