Saturday, 28 June 2008


a wise yogi's timeless wisdom
is so easy to read, appreciate
and quote, in advice, to others!

and what have you done with it?

an audacious query from my little one
makes me splutter in chagrin
(more, I must add, at myself!)

how easy it is to mouth advice!
(after reading rich experiences of another!)
yet how much more wondrous
it would be, if only one could
simply do, not parrot it!

if only! I sigh!

27 June, 2008

Random Rambles

Have you ever thought
How strange but true
It is-

That the highest mountain
Will seem so easy to climb,
But the little hillocks around
So insurmountable!

That the widest river
You shall conquer, perhaps,
Though it take time,
But the puddles at the doorstep
You'd hesitate to cross!

That the thickest woods
You'd dare to explore,
But shirk from walking
That mile, through the fields!

That lofty ideals are
Ever appealing
Ever in sight,
But the steps to them
Ever a hindrance
Always that step too distant!

What a fickle thing
The mind is-
Always wanting
Little attempting!

27 June, 2008


The drones of the Kamikaze
Cause ripples in the silence
After nightfall.

The season starts again
When War is waged;
One sided really
When one thinks of the losses!

One by one they drop
Altitude, single-minded
In their purpose-
Highly motivated,
Trained, as if, from birth,
To meet this destiny.

In the relative vastness
Of the Warscape
They create only a
Tiny explosion each,
As they target, plummet
And Crash!

Who wins, finally?
I've always wondered,
Each time, a small
Winged Creature crashlands
Into the candle's flame
In a continuous stream
For the half hour, during
The nightly power cut
As our verandah becomes
The battlefield, for that war
The Flame and the Kamikaze.

27 June, 2008


No matter however many times
You repeat the same line-
Do forgive me, but I simply
Shall not believe it!

You say you're too small!
But, what if I told you-
For me, you'll always walk tall?

You wonder that it'd never
Compare with my work!
Dearest, don't you see-
It can't, it shouldn't!
For, you're a unique YOU!
My empty spaces you will always fill
As I do yours, ever lovingly!

You exclaim - how can I!
This is way beyond me!
Then I step back, with just this reassurance-
If anyone can, it is you;

For it's that indomitable spirit
that is there, within;
Let go dogma,
Pre-conceived notion
Especially about yourself.

Let go-
and discover
That indomitable you!!

26 June, 2008

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Bless You!!!

It's the umpteenth time, till now
And yet more umpteen times to come;

But then how is it, I wonder-
That each time seems like the first
And the most painful?

Each time, a new worry added
And all the time a gnawing pain;
Somehow, I never get enough of you
I ponder, despairingly with each time!

Bon Voyage, Dear One, as you
Sail new seas
Harbour in new ports
On the waves of pursuit
Cresting life's moments-
Never lying in the troughs-
Pitching and rolling with
What life throws you-
Commandeering your skills
And allowing the Hand to
Steer you through rough waters
Safe and Sound!

These be my prayers now-
These be my blessings too-
As I wait on those shores,
With Time-
To Welcome you Home
Once again!

21 June, 2008

Like an Orchid in Full Bloom

Exotic, they called me-
Not quite knowing how else
To pigeonhole this unknown quantity
That was me.

Aeons of Aryan thinking?
Or perhaps my intensity
Flummoxed them?

Unnerved, though mute-
I was their clothes peg
Unmoved, yet alive
To their varying opinions.

Dusky and attractive; Compliments?
Though, no beauty, she-
(Ah! I might get complacent, eh?)

My body, lithe and supple
With my face, exotic?
My assets, they thought-
That sold, haute couture!

Vacant, my expression, perhaps-
But never my soul!
This is not my life's calling;
I know, there is more to me,
Than fills your lascivious eye-

Then why?

A witty rejoinder, I give you none:
For, if my silence you cannot comprehend
My words, you never will!

To you, I shall ever be
That orchid in full bloom!

21 June, 2008

Saturday, 21 June 2008

A Question

A vagrant wind of aeons past
Touches the soul this thoughtful day
Whispering forgotten melodies and ballads many
Stories oft repeated, always sought, and little understood
A fond theme, for the seeker and the teacher

What of Life? What of Solace? What of Spirit?

Life in this goldfish bowl, where solace there be none
But the spirit, it yearns in endless cycles...

A question, asked of a seer-
Renunciation, that be the key?
To unlock the pain, the joy and the peace?

The seer, laughs, as a child does too-
When nonsense, gibberish, quaintly uttered, pleases-
Know you the weight of the word? Mildly.
What seekest thou, to renounce? Mischievously.

Why, wealth, desire, bonds and attachment!

A merry twinkle, with the moral ensues:
Hush! Dear youth, have you but sought to know
What you have renounced thus, till now?
The call of your soul, the plea of the One Within?
Have you not already renounced Salvation?
What then, remains, to be forsaken?
For Salvation?

17 June, 2008


'Twas an eventful mishap:
Our accidental meeting-
Stumbling into each other
Tripping on a locked gaze
Oblivious to human traffic
Ignoring warning signals that
Reached a screaming pitch-
Jumping the red light that forbade
Us to go further on this path,
Chosen, already, for us!

A soul now breathed into mishappen lives
Knowing this: that we may not be "right"
But will always, ever, be true
To ourselves
And so, each other...

15 June, 2008

of human bondage

miles and miles away
is what I want to be

perhaps when I'm away
I'll realize life's happiness
is not where I am
however whole I feel
but where you are
with that small part of me
locked in you

much as I try
I know, I'll never break free
of that painful bondage

17 January, '86


Everyday, the same time-
They'd walk down the lane
Together, never speaking-
Just a shy lass and lad.

He sometimes looks absorbed;
And she, serene and gentle.
The way they walk together-
I know, they know!

For it's only the sheer certainty
The assuredness of a faith deep
Of empathy, of knowing, surely,
Of loving and being loved-

That can speak, in that silence-
Not merely pregnant, but holding
The cosmos, the entire universe
Of their simple, profound love!

Knowing, it's that, what we know,
A warmth spreads, as you steal silently, behind,
Wrap your arms around me,
And smile into my hair...

Why, I will never know-
They look up, at us, at that instant-
Fleetingly, before walking on...

28 May, 2008


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