Saturday, 28 June 2008


No matter however many times
You repeat the same line-
Do forgive me, but I simply
Shall not believe it!

You say you're too small!
But, what if I told you-
For me, you'll always walk tall?

You wonder that it'd never
Compare with my work!
Dearest, don't you see-
It can't, it shouldn't!
For, you're a unique YOU!
My empty spaces you will always fill
As I do yours, ever lovingly!

You exclaim - how can I!
This is way beyond me!
Then I step back, with just this reassurance-
If anyone can, it is you;

For it's that indomitable spirit
that is there, within;
Let go dogma,
Pre-conceived notion
Especially about yourself.

Let go-
and discover
That indomitable you!!

26 June, 2008


  1. loved endless faith n assurance- to attain [i]that[/i]!! lovely!!


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