Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Like You've Never, Before...

Dream like it's the only place to go.
Wake, like you've reached. 
Sing, as if that's all you do.
Dance, the rhythm's flowing from you. 
Love. Each moment, you can. 
Be the hero. You're the only one. 
Maybe, the villain. It IS such fun.
Box, pummel, strike, slap.
Zip, zoom, zonk and zap. 
Remember those secrets.
Now tell them ALL.

Sigh. You know, I'm happy.
I can do them all.
I do. Honest. 

You see, I read 'em books.
And they let me. 

19 June, 2013

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Literally, Figuratively

From the beginning of the start
To the ending of the close
The tautology of my life
Pales into the colourless.
The synonimity of each day
Blends the same flavour.
Most often.
So I'm rummaging for newness
Trying to read between the lines
Picking at the petrifying thoughts
In the basket case I'm becoming. 
Seeking a fresh persona
From the foxy oxymoron
Of a nervously brave, but
Bravely foolish woman
I seem to be. 
From rhythmic metres
And the cacophony of rhyme
Onomatopoeic in grunts and sighs
In the sibilance of loss
Sometimes thumping drumbeats
Of ecstasy gone awry...
The metaphor that life has become
Is getting mighty hard to unravel.
Till then-
Let me address myself
In supposed hypbole...
"The Unresolved Poem"
15 June, 2013
:D Welcome to the nerdy rambler's riot of misplaced misunderstood logic of life in literary overdose. :P
PS - Google does a great job of giving you definitive definitions on some of the over-the-top figures of speech used in the write. :D

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


When you would have me
Still, and restful, and serene
I cannot help but shift, drum fingers
And move to a rhythm in my head. 
When you ask that I simply exist
Unleavened, and therefore, unpounded
How - How, I ask, can I be that
Which I can't. Ever.
You may have left that fizz aside.
But boy, have I got enough, within!
That niggles, and nudges, and
Slowly, then steadily, and rapidly
Bubbles forth. 
You wanted a model;
Perhaps a mendicant, of the soul;
That you could, then mould.
But- May I, myself, form into the
Shapes of my dreams?
Mould into them,
Lest I mold. 
4 June, 2013
Online. In anticipation, of cross-currents, and cross-wiring.
Sigh. I know. I'm in need of some rest :P


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