Saturday, 22 February 2014


Those words-
They roam - restless spirits
While burgeoning,
Suffocating feelings
Try to pin them down.
The tumult, within,
Of these wandering, wayward
Wanton, vagabonds-
They will not let me be. 
I shift.
Bend. Struggle.
And my heart fills.
Chest constricts.
The lull. 
The eye of this hurricane
It is too still. 
My dearest
You'd better stick around
To pick up the pieces.
22 February, 2014
When papers chain one down, the only thing to do is go bonkers, with writes like these :D

Friday, 14 February 2014

Once Upon a Time

It wasn't to be
The storyteller had it all wrong.
It wasn't thataway.
The words weren't right, for that song.
Music, in soft violins and harps
Played in enchantment.
Perhaps, perchance, their tale
Would find denouement. 
Till then, when stories lullabied
In hope of creeping into dreams,
They meandered, in that very hope
And played on, in plotted schemes.
Would they be, what they were meant
Where, they were meant, in that tale?
Of a happily-ever-after? Did they really want to?
And into the sunset, afterward, sail?
Did they just! 
And that was just another one to add to the list
Ever growing each year, in words, in hearts, here
While this rambler, scores yet another number
Singing, or trying to, of Love, pretending to be a seer!
Let love shine on.
Let love love you.
Let there be just that one, too.
Look! Turn around! There!
Love will find you :)
14 February, 2014
A gift, this day to all who love :)


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