Monday, 27 December 2010

She waits...

A doting mother waits

In expectation of a windfall!

She waits...

With a secret joy-

A quiet knowledge,

An earnest prayer


Absolute faith!

29 March, 2010 ...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Rich harvests they say
Come from careful tending
Golden grain, smiling with promise
The fruit of sheer love. Mirrored across!

Careful tending, such as
Only you can do.
Together, concerned.
Loving, protective.

Watering with endless encouragement
Pruning, gently, when needed
Watching over with pride
Each stalk, each leaf, tenderly.

Stepping back, so that they could
Soak the sun, be part of it,
Stand upright, all on their own.
Their own. Yours. Ever. Always.

And steeped in a heavenly glow
As would a hallowed halo
Still there, bound in a
Circle of love, enveloped in golden sheen.

Dearest Mummy and Daddy
You're wished from our hearts
Filled with love, by your own.
Your very own. Us all!

Happy Golden Anniversary-

Dad and Mom
There's Viju, and Vinu
And me, Trips and Anu...
Archie, Arun, Lakshmi n Kiru n Chotu and Kunju...
Not to forget... awww... achudu
Malu, Appu, Paru, Kuttan and Chinnu!

Remember, your family adores YOU!

2 December, 2010
(on a wave of sheer inspiration, in school :D!)
(For 7th December, celebrating our parents' fifty years of togetherness!)
Psst... if you came here first, perhaps you'd like to go across to "Overdrive", my other blog, where I have another one for them there, called "Golden Moments" :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Ah! You said I couldn't!
And that you wouldn't

Share in the losses if any
That's a laugh, and you know it.
I'd have dared you, had I the
Tiniest inkling, what more
You laid in store for us!!!

Still, I shall be generous
As I stand vindicated.
No matter how hard you tried,
Fortune, sheer luck, was on our side.

And try as we may, to ignore
Somehow, it still grates sore
That what we could have been
Is a fraction less than what we have just seen.

What matters, finally
Is just this.
It happened. As it should have.
As it did.
As we did.


20 November, 2010

Saturday, 16 October 2010


She comes resplendent-
To live her nine days;
In benediction, in grace!

To remind us-
And that demon within;
There is succor; If you seek.
There is hope; Should you despair.
There is penance; Is there none who does not sin?
There is life; For it triumphs even death, through the soul.

A moment’s realization
Is enough-
A penitent thought
Can find you a place
Far higher than kings!

A kind deed
Will pay you more than the
Richest man’s coffers.

She comes with this brightness;
This breathtaking promise!

And yet, each year,
We send her back;
After patronizing Her
Those nine days-
Like a guest overstaying Her welcome-

Foolish us!
Relieved She has left.
We become animals again!
Forgetting, She can never leave-
She stays, unacknowledged:
In wait, within us.

We may leave,
But She never can!

26, October, ‘07

Picture courtesy: Google images,

Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Pride of Lions or, The Fantastic Foursome :)

He's right up there, with the best of the Kings
Just a hard-headed Ram, but like his lion brothers, he sings :)
Caring, relaxed, wordy, wise,
With, nerves, chilled with ice :)

Now this one's a Lion, I knew it from the first
Twinkling eyes, a smile and cheer, on the brink, to burst
To punch a line, wholesome, wondrous and witty :)
In a flash, no less, he gets right to the nitty gritty :)

The next, a pretty one, of the zodiac of twins, whom everyone heeds
Perhaps not a lion, but the Pride, she undoubtedly leads :)
Dainty, demure, incisive, and more so, the stronger
She, well, they certainly don't want to mess with her!

All the while, with them ahead, he bided his time
Quiet growls, that grew to roaring, his signature chime
His is the Heart, he wears on his Van Heusen sleeve,
His smile, the sweetest, his will, I have faith in, and believe!

My Fantastic Foursome, that's who they are
Nestlings mine, they've flown to lands distant,and far!
Each a delight, each so dear and sorely missed
God's grace and blessing, they're always wished!

3 October, 2010

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Simplicity redefined
Refined to excellence!

A living symbol of
I am, you are;
Live fully
Let others do the same!

Yours are the strong arms
That first held us -
Led us, supported us
Guided us.

Hands that we now hold
Up, for all to see-
Strong, callused, dependable
Daddy's hands.

A heart that holds
More than words could ever tell
That goes beyond empathy
That makes you
His own.
A heart that knows
Only to love.
Daddy's heart.

In the universe of that love
Held close to your heart
In the circle of those capable hands


We rest secure
Because we're yours Daddy.
And proudest ever
To be so!

The love and strength
Will ever be all
The precious treasure
We ever need

With you by our side
Not a care in the world...

Because, Daddy, you're the best!!!

9 September, 2010

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The King Returns...

Long ago, in days of yore
A mighty yoke Mahabali bore

'Twas none but ability, grace and compassion
Which urged denizens of upper echelons to bash 'em

So they set out with plans afoot
A little boy, his grace to loot!

So Mighty was he, the King
'Twasn't easy his neck to wring...

With teasing irony, and gentle demand
The boy, a mere God, asked three paces of land!

All-knowing, more wise, the King relents
(His Guru's pleas while he rejects)

Thus proving, in his gesture, who was more generous
Leaving the said denizens of Heaven, looking preposterous!

Thus blessed, and granted his wish, forever more
He graces this day, Thiruvonam, so goes the lore

To bask in his country's pleasure, the love of his people
Hopefully, he's not disappointed, with response, feeble

While his erstwhile countrymen lol about, placid
With a full tank of alchohol, smelling rancid.

Still, some, like me, foolish perhaps, but filled with anticipation
Still await his visit, with bated breath, with happy fascination

For in a little child's eyes, we see, hope yet, love yet, joy yet
And that in itself, a season to celebrate, will be our best bet!

Online, 21 August, 2010


Happy Onam everyone :) May the season's best dog you right through this Onam :)

Edited to add, 1800 hrs: Well I took it for granted that the story of King Mahabali must be a familiar one; and then realized that it may not be so :) You see, legend has it that Onam is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, who once ruled this place, in which Kerala now stands, who was sent to the Patala (the lower areas of Hell) by none other than Lord Vishnu who came disguised as Vamana, a young small brahmin boy. King Mahabali was just, fair, a noble King, and utterly generous, but bordering on being a mighty king. So the devas decided that must not be so, and with the help of Lord Vishnu, ensured that his generosity would stall his plans. The young brahmin boy asks for just three paces of land, and being granted so, takes the Earth and Heavens, in two and asks where he might place his third step. King Mahabali offers his head, and is then pushed to the Patala, before which he is granted the wish that he be allowed a day to visit and mingle with his countrymen, once in a year. And so Onam celebrates this great King's return!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Blessed Touch!

In the gap-toothed smile
Or perhaps the brightening twinkle
In eyes, brimming with laughter!

In the brush of tender fingers
Wanting to hold your work callused hands
Or a wet slobbering kiss
Planted on an unsuspecting cheeks

A sudden hug
Strangulating from behind?

Or a trusting drowsing face, tucked into
The nape of your neck
Curled into you, cuddling softly...

Have you been blessed today
With the butterfly touch of a child?

15 August, 2010

The images have all been googled and taken from different webpages :) All of those beautiful pictures belong solely to the owners :) :)

Sunday, 8 August 2010


There, within the heart
When all else blacks out
Is the one single thought.

That keeps me real.
That makes me whole.
Cold and warm.

As I sink into the
Ripple of a dream-
Tipping back, gently
Enveloped by waves
Of Consciousness, that
Touch, caress, and leave...

My body feels lighter
Yet, I sink, slip
Under the surface
Groping, looking
Searching, seeking

For that something
I have lost- and
Need to own, to be
Once again.

And in that dream
I share with you
I find that - my heart
With yours - when you
Rise, to sink with me-
When we wake together...

Into that perfect conjoining
Of a jigsaw puzzle
The parts to the whole

Being that tangible totem
Of consciousness...
Then we know.

That we always did.

20 July to 8 August, 2010

Totally (and obviously :D) inspired by "Inception"; actually the totem concept was fascinating, and I have yet to get over how mesmerizing the whole idea of the totem is, in reality!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

When Nestlings Fly...

A flutter of wings when you did not seem to be sure
Was enough to set my feathers a-quiver :)

Peering out of the edge of the nest,
Beak on rim, wings spread,
Eyes faraway, you perched.

I watched.
And waited.

Though you did not.

And when the time was right,
And the wind blew quiet,
There you sailed, as if you knew
All along.

I knew, that you did.
But you had to know too!

And today you do...

As I watch, another one leave the nest!
Happy and proud,
To be a bit of that buoyant breeze
That has lifted and let you be.

The best you could ever be.

And yet...
You know, don't you?

The best, my nestling, is yet to come!

Online :)
3 August, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ash :) And Congratulations!
For the wonder of an offspring, who found himself a job :) :) Just been selected, but he will make it, I know :)
Congrats and best wishes for always, but always, dearest Ash :) :)

Friday, 30 July 2010


Feelings fill fathomlessly
Much maligned am I this eve :
With words uttered, no reprieve
Asses a few, I could kick anew
Not just sit here and mew

Deep do I delve needlessly
Wait and watch wordlessly
Heaving heart, hurting, hopelessly!!

Do I teach or learn;
One I do, &and it is what I earn;
But that dear folks is endlessly learn;
For to teach alone by turn;
ISN'T it,one MUST Learn!

Let me end this ranting spree
Tho' I'm charged no fee
I know you too might be free
But spare you, I must, lest you flee

Online, on a rant, on #chrymelog, on Twitter :)
30 July, 2010

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Menagerie*

James Herriot had it easy
Gerald Durrel, too, quite breezy;
When I think of the lot I shelter
A cat, adorable, four dogs-all helter-skelter!

It started with an Alsatian, a lady, Ammini, a gentile
Before her, quite in adoration, I’d kneel!
So sweet was she, docile and calm
Never, a need , was there, to show her my palm!

Too sweet perhaps, and so
one day, to Dog’s Paradise, did she go.

But Life goes on, and so with us-
Another little one, playful and curious
A black Labrador now, was part of the family.One of us

And in quick succession came
Another two, in glee!

So now, last count, we had three!

The lab, a female, named Chinnu
Alsatian male, named Appu
An abandoned little pup, and ordinary soul, Paru!

Life, once again, was chalu!

The plot thickens here;
With little Paru dear!

Surprised us one day-
Big tummy, we smelt foul play!!

No sooner than a couple of months past
Seven pups, a littler full, in our laps she cast!

Last count, now ten are we,
Just dogs; but I forget, there’s another ‘she’-

The she, called Malu-
A pretty cat, gathered in a rescue!

Eleven of them thriving anew!
Didn’t realize, more in queue…

Now as you read, a week ago, Malu too
Put her mind to give us kitten few!

Sadly though, kitten of hers, none
Lived to tell the tale, but one, and in it too was done!

A sorry tale, the doc had to operate
When she couldn’t deliver, luckily not too late!

And now, of the dogs ten
Only four remain in the pen…

With six of seven li’l pups finding new home
(The first born, Kuttan, is ours, at home)
A new place each, with love and care to roam.

A happy foursome, with the cat
Natural siblings almost, a common enemy too- the RAT!

And that dear friends, is my menagerie-
Naughty, mischievous, loving, much like Tom ‘n’ Jerry!!!

July, 2007

The stories of some here, are on my other blog, Overdrive :)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Knowing- II

Clad in the bliss
Of the million knitted
Sparkling, twinkling
Tender, warm
Thoughts of you

I can brave the
Cold shoulders
The chilling indifference
The eyes that look in askance
Shuddering perhaps

That I dare to show my
That I am foolish enough
To show I care
Quite unconditionally.

Asking for nothing in return
Except the Grace
The Blessing
Of feelings that abound

Except to always be able
To love you

Knowing that each night
I shall sleep alone
Wrapping my arms around you
Held closer than my own self.

Knowing, that you do too;
And knowing this.
It matters not.

15 July, 2010

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Coming Together

From a speck where it all started
Blossoming - an amalgam of a spectrum
Exploding into existence,
Then shrinking into familiarity
The colours vivid, the emotions livid,
What's within, and what's without
All there, and none at all!

Contradictions abound.
I am you, and you Me!
I soak in that Wonder-
That we have enriched
Each other- through the
Memories our cells carry
Back to the womb of Creation!

Her Thought! Are we That?
From the maturity of perfection in creation
Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?

Each cell we posses, not ours
Each person, Her own, hers alone?
Of isolation, of belonging
Of coming together, in That Heaven
Parts of whole, whence we came
To where we

Never can return?

8 July, 2010

Edited to add :)
After re reading Siddharth's comment, I came back to a few posts I had here, much earlier :) Just to share an uncanny (maybe not so much, after all... :) cell memory :D!)


Homing In

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Raindrop - Haiku :)

A big pearly drop!

Plop! It falls deep into my thoughts

Rippling into words!

6 July, 2010
(Online :) :) )
Syllable count :)

A /big /pear/ly /drop - 5

Plop! /It/ falls /deep/ in/to /my /thoughts - 7

Ripp/ling in/to /words! - 5

The picture is taken from here:
Copyrighted to its owner.

More Haiku, here :)

and here too :)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

*Conditions Apply

The invitation was clear
In that look we shared;
And mesmerized, we made
That Deal.

And yes, we were, and have been
And still are, all that we could be...

But to each other?
That look, we look, yet again, for it
Hoping against hope...

For when we scripted,
While we enacted...
We overlooked the line
Between lines...

*Conditions Apply

Online, 1 pm, 20 June, 2010

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Eternally Timeless

I shall ever be The Outsider.
Looking on, Looking within.
Never to come home.
Never to slip into the warmth
Unaffected, blissfully blithe, bold.
Never to loudly claim possession.
Or gleefully discard with shouts of laughter.

For I may be sure of You, and Me
Us, for sure!
But not the vagrant devil, Time.
How it plays, teases, promises
And then shatters.

Into the space of being-
Of the breath indrawn
Are the million shards of emptiness...
Sent out by time, to hurt into awareness-
The knowledge that I have grown out.
Out, of myself-
To have lost myself.
In time.

9 February, 2010

Sunday, 25 April 2010


A blade of grass
In the vast paddy field;
The vision within
I had of me.
One, just like tthe other-
Yet standing alone
No hope of grain
To weigh me down
The joyful burden of
Fruition, yet to be mine.

And yet, hope lingered
That I would meet worth
If not grain; why not?
A butterfly's tinsel touch?
Or yet again, a gentle whiff
Of a moonlit breeze.
To tingle, tantalize
Bringing promise of that
I had yearned for!

And when you came,
In the guise of a little
Brown sparrow,
Looking, with your head
Cocked to one side
Quizzical gleam, through
The quiet knowledge reflected deep...

I knew, why I was made-
I knew, felt known, was touched
By your quiet simple knowledge
Why worry about whats and whys
I am me, the blade of grass
Like no other-
Meeting my destiny, the way I should
The way I would
When it unfolded.

Buoyed by a brisk breeze
I swayed, in thanks-
At the quaint brown sparrow...

12 April, 2010

Pic Courtesy -

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Haiku -Enchanted Sprite

I am the rose's
soft blush, shining through dew drops-
your enchanted sprite!

18 April, 2010

Haiku is Japanese lyric poetry, in which seasons, emotions, nature, find expressions in concise, numerically limited lines and syllables. The one above is in the 5-7-5 pattern. There are also 3-5-3 patterns. That is, threel ines, populated by words, totally making up 5 , 7 and 5 syllables in all. The breakdown, given below is thus:

I/ am/ the/ ros/e's (5)

soft/ blush/, shi/ning/ through/ dew/ drops-(7)

your/ en/chan/ted /sprite!(5)

More of my Haiku here :)

Visit aha poetry for more information on Haiku, Tanka, Senryu, etc

Picture, courtsey:

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Sun Child

Sleepy eyes slowly coming to wakefulness

Recognition slowly dawning on his face-
His lips quirk in a semblance of a smile-
And at a shot, he's out of bed,

toddling around in wondrous rapture.

His eyes are lit up by the streaking sunbeams
he tries to catch-
Vivid at the sight of the riot of colour
in the garden-
Tender when he sees a little bird or his
Little kitten purring at his feet.
His diamond eyes never lose their sparkle-
Because he's a sun child!

His peal of laughter rings around-
Its music to my ears:
His gurgle of laughter fills me with a
consuming sense of happiness and elation-
Because he's mine!

After watching the crimson-gold sun go down
with a curiousness that nothing can surpass,
he nestles close to me;
And with a satisfied sigh,
his eyelids shut, to capture within
The sun in his hands, and the stars
all his to play with;
To frolic with angels in Heaven;
To know every joy of nature.

The world's all his and so am I
For he's my Sun Child!

16 Jan. '81

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Love is in the Air!


Spring has come again-

Wafting on the wind
Is that familiar ache-
Of loving and yearning...
That poignant hush
That brings with it a sweetness.


Hearts meet, hope and build
Nests, in the wildernesses of dreams!
Couched in the same certainty;
The security of togetherness-

Where, yet again, I and you
Meet and melt, into us...
into that circle of completeness...

29 March, 2010

For Devesh and Bindya, and all those in love :) May God keep your nest safe, warm, and loving always :)

Pic. Courtsey:

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Meeting Me

The sea calls out to me-
As I walk beside its waves;
Washing away imprints I leave-
Temporal, I know I am, yet still...?

In my arrogance, I wait
And as the tide ebbs-
I walk again, pressing close,
Digging in my heels, causing
Tiny wells and pools-

I gloat, and look in askance
At the sea.
It still calls, unperturbed.
It calls, mesmerizing,
Melting away my dregs of self.

And I surrender.
As I knew I would.

The sea calls-
As I step in,
From the water's edge...

To meet the endless, limitless me.

15 May 2009

Pic Courtsey:

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Me? Or I?

Coiled within, deep down
Unwilling to unravel
Is me.

Is me; or, is it I?
It must be me-
Subdued, subjugated
Submerged, subservient...

Not I, when I have been
Above all that, which dared
To subject, to assail,
To undermine, to negate.

Indeed, I was,
Had been, the One
Who'd seen it all.
All? Hollow laughter escapes
My heart, laden with
Molten emotion.

Like those drops of mercury
They curiously cohere-
Gathering within, drowning
Filling, but never spilling.

Oh no! They're too guarded,
Too careful, to ever despoil-
To be so uncouth, as to bare themselves.

Me. Blanketed-
Waiting for I, with You.
To stir me. Energize. Vibrate.
And will, into that
Ultimate Union- when I and me
Become You.

9 February, 2010

Friday, 1 January 2010

O Yearning...!

The cottony softness
Of my marshmallow heart-
Meltingly greets yours

Where had you been?
All these aeons?

The brittle crust of
Hopelessness took a while
To soften, to crumble

When love oozed and soaked
Me up - from your eyes
In the feathertouch of your
Lashes, your fingertips

In tingling goosebumps
And tiny shudders,

My heart, finally
Learned to beat!

22 December 2009

Just a mushy gooey start to the new year :) In hope of more love to fill our lives, and keep us going through life, keeping an eye out for each other, and helping each other on our way through life :)

Also for two special girls, my daughters, Sash, and Abhi, as they celebrate their lives, with love :)

And a Happy New year to all of you! God Bless!


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