Saturday, 5 July 2008

Towards Destiny

"You can never go home again"
Thus spake a wise man
Years ago, of how Time
Has that fascinating property
Of lending distance, excising
Incisively, through experience, any
Tremulous familiarity with a past.

Nestlings fly away,
Rarely ever, to return to their
Nest of birth;
Though Salmon brave
The currents to reach the
Old spawning waters;
Nothing less that a cruel
Destiny awaits!

And while that invisible
Umbilical cord strains
With time, and its ally, distance,
One forgets that the
Process of Birth
Is a one way street-
A that cord can
Never be retracted!

Thus, as Time oxidizes
Rusts the sheen, and finally
Shows the doorway:

The game, it moves up, another level.

5 July, 2008

A Fallacy?

Rarely, ever, does what we write,
Stay so, in its sharing!
Words articulated
From Inner Voices
From Outer experiences
From Aural, Visual and Oral fragments
Laced with emotions,
Garnished with imagery;
Served to tickle a
Cerebral and Emotional palate
(Hoping that palsy of the Cerebrum
Shall not ensue thus!)
Always find themselves
At the Mercy of the Consumer!

For, was there ever, a Chef
Or even the best home-made cook
Who did not thrive,
When taste buds blossomed
Into tangible responses?
Who was ever insecure
Till that response was approval?

And so, it is,
With all who create:
And, I sometimes wonder,
The Master Craftsman Above?

5 July, 2008

For Me!

If there's one thing
One loves to do -
(Me, for a start!)
And one does it well, too-

Is pat oneself on one's back!

It helps, of course, enormously,
When others do too.
(Pat us, that is, as much as themselves!)

That familiar feeling of
Ah! Yes, how nice, that
Others feel the same way
As I do, about me!

Always, but always, helps.

Your manner expansive,
And generous, you grow,
And nurture, the ballooning ego;
Never realizing how much
You've filled yourself with Hot Air!

And as one gently rises,
Wafting on the paeans one
Sings to oneself,
Little does one realize
How space shall consume
That uniqueness,
And how unimaginably lonely,
It can get, At The Top!

5 July, 2008
(2 minutes after midnight, wallowing in a spate of comments from Rukhiya and Soumya)
Thanks to the Terrific Two:)

Friday, 4 July 2008

Spinning On

The whirlwind brought
such a tumult
to that peaceful abode.

Caught unawares
only gasps and shudders
could be felt.

Will there be
Peace, again?

An unease in the calm.
With the realization of

But no peace.
Ever, again?

1 July, ‘07

History Repeats Itself!

History repeats itself-
You just proved it!

In the déjà vu
I felt-
Meeting you the first time!

In each new misunderstanding
We had-
That we promised, to be the last!

In the words you said to me
A confession of sorts-
"I didn't fall in love-
Because, I've always been in love,
with you"!!

History repeats itself-
In each moment of our life together,
In love, in life, in us!!

3 July, '07

The Strength of Love

Belief in myself
Faith in the ONE
My Trust in you...

There isn't any
greater power...

There isn't any
deeper love...

There isn't any
surer happiness...


There isn't any
Stronger bond...

Than Us!

20 June, '02

A Call for Faith

What have I lost
I wonder...
And look inward.

Only my heart:
for it lies with you.

Only my soul:
for it's lost, in wilderness
abandoned by my searching self.

Only my voice:
the unspoken words
the unfelt plea
At a loss to articulate.


Why can't I even
find the words
to pray?

I'm thankful , though,
I still have You
Dear God,
Waiting for me...

1 July, '07

Of Solitude

Of Solitude-
that aloneness in a
Lost space of time;

Dwarfed by thoughts
magnified in that
Washed over by waves
of satisfaction
at your creation...
Swathed in gossamer
and brilliant hopes.

In that temporary
archive, is a niche
I always wanted to
make my own.

15 April, '84



I crumble
beneath the
hammer-blow of your words;
persistent, hurting;
Nailing me with your
stiletto-sharp tone.
I am mesmerized
when you begin to speak-
When you being your intonations
I begin to lose my identity.


My tears like
withered leaves
drop down-
to nurture new hope.

Putting sorrow behind
into yesterday,
searching for a new seed of truth
to treasure and
feel in blossom.


I feel my senses responding
like the indefinable shadows of a
misty sun
attaining clarity.
Diffuse at first
slowly gaining purposefulness.

As I get closer-
Closer to your mind-
Closer to the real you.

Between Jan '82 and Feb. '83

Twin Thoughts

Twin thoughts
one at each end of
my being.

a deep surge of
tumbling, one over the other

Filling up a great abyss
which was...

the helplessness of
weaned into you;
Seeping dependency
into an independent

Twin thoughts
tearing me
healing me
trying to balance
an inner tumult.

Dare I ever hope,
hope again
for harmony?

11 June, '84

For Redemption

Mercy is an option-
unredeeming in
my attire of pain.

Lashed by bitter
storms of accusations
my honesty is
poor protection.

My armour
I thought-
never knowing
it would show
my Achilles Heel.

Opening myself
in all my
in all my
lack of beauty-
in all that
I have ever been-

My honesty
is my undoing.
(Hasn't it always been?)

Mercy is an option.
Not one I'd choose

I'll wait.
And Hope.

Because I know
it's my honesty
that will stand

When the demons
of doubt
are vanquished.

As they must be.
As they will be.

Though pain be its gift,
Love never fails.

1 July, '07


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