Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Rain on...

Drop by tingling drop.
Shine, sparkle, tickle and slather.
Rush down, to meet the yearning land
Merge, soak, overflow
As do those emotions, storming
Whirling, tumbling, and then

Rain on, deep in the heart too.
There is too much that is parched;
That is yearning.

So that the scent of fresh love
Might, once again, draw me in
To you.

Online, on a rainy line of thought :)
22 February, 2011
It rained and rained, this lovely evening :)

Picture, courtesy, Google Images :)


  1. I have been reading The God of Small Things. Just the mention of rain, brings to mind Kerala. :) It has been raining here, too. Spring!

  2. Lovely read, espl for a rain lover as me :)

  3. Aruna, thanks for the visit... :) Yes this is kerala now, and hopefully it will keep cool for sometime now :)

    Arun, thank you :)

  4. The lands smile when the skies cry
    the tears leaving not even a speck dry
    so too when love flows through the eye
    there is no limit not even the sky.

    Rain on more such poetry Ushs.

  5. Your lines read like "The Song of the Rain", Kahlil Gibran :)

    Thanks Govind. You're always generous!

  6. nyc :) :)
    i luv evrythn abt rain
    i also wrote 4 d frst tym today @


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