Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fly to You!

Cosy and warm
In the cocoon
of your love;
I watch myself change!

A gawky woman,
Was I:
Unsure, chewing
upon the painful cud
on the distant horizon,
Of a million memories.

The light fell
upon me,
As you!

As you spun
the magic silky strands
of tender love,

I couldn't help
but want
to be more to you,
Though you looked
beyond, and into me!

And now, am I
on the threshold:
Donning your colour
Of love,
On the wings
you gave me;

And waiting-
And wanting-

To fly to you!


25 September, '07
Picture courtsey, google images :)


  1. Aww.

    The light fell
    upon me,
    As you!"

    Amazing, as usual. :)

  2. Is it a story of a lovely butterfly?
    or of someone whom you want to glorify?
    Or of woman who will willingly die
    to be with the one she can always rely?

  3. Shal :) Precious, you and your words too! Thanks!

    Aayushi... :) thank you!

    Govind, Ah! a bit of this
    And a bit of that :)
    A pretty pretty miss
    Whose heart goes pitter pat :)

    Lol! Thanks ... your comments are always better than the writes they grace, here :)


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