Friday, 30 July 2010


Feelings fill fathomlessly
Much maligned am I this eve :
With words uttered, no reprieve
Asses a few, I could kick anew
Not just sit here and mew

Deep do I delve needlessly
Wait and watch wordlessly
Heaving heart, hurting, hopelessly!!

Do I teach or learn;
One I do, &and it is what I earn;
But that dear folks is endlessly learn;
For to teach alone by turn;
ISN'T it,one MUST Learn!

Let me end this ranting spree
Tho' I'm charged no fee
I know you too might be free
But spare you, I must, lest you flee

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30 July, 2010

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Menagerie*

James Herriot had it easy
Gerald Durrel, too, quite breezy;
When I think of the lot I shelter
A cat, adorable, four dogs-all helter-skelter!

It started with an Alsatian, a lady, Ammini, a gentile
Before her, quite in adoration, I’d kneel!
So sweet was she, docile and calm
Never, a need , was there, to show her my palm!

Too sweet perhaps, and so
one day, to Dog’s Paradise, did she go.

But Life goes on, and so with us-
Another little one, playful and curious
A black Labrador now, was part of the family.One of us

And in quick succession came
Another two, in glee!

So now, last count, we had three!

The lab, a female, named Chinnu
Alsatian male, named Appu
An abandoned little pup, and ordinary soul, Paru!

Life, once again, was chalu!

The plot thickens here;
With little Paru dear!

Surprised us one day-
Big tummy, we smelt foul play!!

No sooner than a couple of months past
Seven pups, a littler full, in our laps she cast!

Last count, now ten are we,
Just dogs; but I forget, there’s another ‘she’-

The she, called Malu-
A pretty cat, gathered in a rescue!

Eleven of them thriving anew!
Didn’t realize, more in queue…

Now as you read, a week ago, Malu too
Put her mind to give us kitten few!

Sadly though, kitten of hers, none
Lived to tell the tale, but one, and in it too was done!

A sorry tale, the doc had to operate
When she couldn’t deliver, luckily not too late!

And now, of the dogs ten
Only four remain in the pen…

With six of seven li’l pups finding new home
(The first born, Kuttan, is ours, at home)
A new place each, with love and care to roam.

A happy foursome, with the cat
Natural siblings almost, a common enemy too- the RAT!

And that dear friends, is my menagerie-
Naughty, mischievous, loving, much like Tom ‘n’ Jerry!!!

July, 2007

The stories of some here, are on my other blog, Overdrive :)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Knowing- II

Clad in the bliss
Of the million knitted
Sparkling, twinkling
Tender, warm
Thoughts of you

I can brave the
Cold shoulders
The chilling indifference
The eyes that look in askance
Shuddering perhaps

That I dare to show my
That I am foolish enough
To show I care
Quite unconditionally.

Asking for nothing in return
Except the Grace
The Blessing
Of feelings that abound

Except to always be able
To love you

Knowing that each night
I shall sleep alone
Wrapping my arms around you
Held closer than my own self.

Knowing, that you do too;
And knowing this.
It matters not.

15 July, 2010

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Coming Together

From a speck where it all started
Blossoming - an amalgam of a spectrum
Exploding into existence,
Then shrinking into familiarity
The colours vivid, the emotions livid,
What's within, and what's without
All there, and none at all!

Contradictions abound.
I am you, and you Me!
I soak in that Wonder-
That we have enriched
Each other- through the
Memories our cells carry
Back to the womb of Creation!

Her Thought! Are we That?
From the maturity of perfection in creation
Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?

Each cell we posses, not ours
Each person, Her own, hers alone?
Of isolation, of belonging
Of coming together, in That Heaven
Parts of whole, whence we came
To where we

Never can return?

8 July, 2010

Edited to add :)
After re reading Siddharth's comment, I came back to a few posts I had here, much earlier :) Just to share an uncanny (maybe not so much, after all... :) cell memory :D!)


Homing In

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Raindrop - Haiku :)

A big pearly drop!

Plop! It falls deep into my thoughts

Rippling into words!

6 July, 2010
(Online :) :) )
Syllable count :)

A /big /pear/ly /drop - 5

Plop! /It/ falls /deep/ in/to /my /thoughts - 7

Ripp/ling in/to /words! - 5

The picture is taken from here:
Copyrighted to its owner.

More Haiku, here :)

and here too :)


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