Saturday, 21 August 2010

The King Returns...

Long ago, in days of yore
A mighty yoke Mahabali bore

'Twas none but ability, grace and compassion
Which urged denizens of upper echelons to bash 'em

So they set out with plans afoot
A little boy, his grace to loot!

So Mighty was he, the King
'Twasn't easy his neck to wring...

With teasing irony, and gentle demand
The boy, a mere God, asked three paces of land!

All-knowing, more wise, the King relents
(His Guru's pleas while he rejects)

Thus proving, in his gesture, who was more generous
Leaving the said denizens of Heaven, looking preposterous!

Thus blessed, and granted his wish, forever more
He graces this day, Thiruvonam, so goes the lore

To bask in his country's pleasure, the love of his people
Hopefully, he's not disappointed, with response, feeble

While his erstwhile countrymen lol about, placid
With a full tank of alchohol, smelling rancid.

Still, some, like me, foolish perhaps, but filled with anticipation
Still await his visit, with bated breath, with happy fascination

For in a little child's eyes, we see, hope yet, love yet, joy yet
And that in itself, a season to celebrate, will be our best bet!

Online, 21 August, 2010


Happy Onam everyone :) May the season's best dog you right through this Onam :)

Edited to add, 1800 hrs: Well I took it for granted that the story of King Mahabali must be a familiar one; and then realized that it may not be so :) You see, legend has it that Onam is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, who once ruled this place, in which Kerala now stands, who was sent to the Patala (the lower areas of Hell) by none other than Lord Vishnu who came disguised as Vamana, a young small brahmin boy. King Mahabali was just, fair, a noble King, and utterly generous, but bordering on being a mighty king. So the devas decided that must not be so, and with the help of Lord Vishnu, ensured that his generosity would stall his plans. The young brahmin boy asks for just three paces of land, and being granted so, takes the Earth and Heavens, in two and asks where he might place his third step. King Mahabali offers his head, and is then pushed to the Patala, before which he is granted the wish that he be allowed a day to visit and mingle with his countrymen, once in a year. And so Onam celebrates this great King's return!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Blessed Touch!

In the gap-toothed smile
Or perhaps the brightening twinkle
In eyes, brimming with laughter!

In the brush of tender fingers
Wanting to hold your work callused hands
Or a wet slobbering kiss
Planted on an unsuspecting cheeks

A sudden hug
Strangulating from behind?

Or a trusting drowsing face, tucked into
The nape of your neck
Curled into you, cuddling softly...

Have you been blessed today
With the butterfly touch of a child?

15 August, 2010

The images have all been googled and taken from different webpages :) All of those beautiful pictures belong solely to the owners :) :)

Sunday, 8 August 2010


There, within the heart
When all else blacks out
Is the one single thought.

That keeps me real.
That makes me whole.
Cold and warm.

As I sink into the
Ripple of a dream-
Tipping back, gently
Enveloped by waves
Of Consciousness, that
Touch, caress, and leave...

My body feels lighter
Yet, I sink, slip
Under the surface
Groping, looking
Searching, seeking

For that something
I have lost- and
Need to own, to be
Once again.

And in that dream
I share with you
I find that - my heart
With yours - when you
Rise, to sink with me-
When we wake together...

Into that perfect conjoining
Of a jigsaw puzzle
The parts to the whole

Being that tangible totem
Of consciousness...
Then we know.

That we always did.

20 July to 8 August, 2010

Totally (and obviously :D) inspired by "Inception"; actually the totem concept was fascinating, and I have yet to get over how mesmerizing the whole idea of the totem is, in reality!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

When Nestlings Fly...

A flutter of wings when you did not seem to be sure
Was enough to set my feathers a-quiver :)

Peering out of the edge of the nest,
Beak on rim, wings spread,
Eyes faraway, you perched.

I watched.
And waited.

Though you did not.

And when the time was right,
And the wind blew quiet,
There you sailed, as if you knew
All along.

I knew, that you did.
But you had to know too!

And today you do...

As I watch, another one leave the nest!
Happy and proud,
To be a bit of that buoyant breeze
That has lifted and let you be.

The best you could ever be.

And yet...
You know, don't you?

The best, my nestling, is yet to come!

Online :)
3 August, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ash :) And Congratulations!
For the wonder of an offspring, who found himself a job :) :) Just been selected, but he will make it, I know :)
Congrats and best wishes for always, but always, dearest Ash :) :)


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