Thursday, 26 April 2012


Why is it that the heavy heart
Never slows down, despite my willing it?
Why does that indefinable, infinitesimal
Infernal lump in my throat still allow me to breathe?
Why, even when I drown in self inflicted silence,
Do words impinge, float, escape, and express themselves?
Even as my heart, my soul curl themselves back
Into the fetal form, closing themselves
Turning inward, why do I still go on
And move, and find myself open

Why cannot I let that period define
And close a labouring life?
Curl my whole self, tightly
Airlessly, compacting myself
Implode, to that zing.

Pulling the plug, within.

26 April, 2012

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Most Beautiful Thing

In the mosaic of existence
Try as I might, I cannot
Pick a speck - for each
Is intertwined
There is bliss
Pure, uncontested;
Revelling in a moment
Lived well;
Finding harmony-
Rarer than a four-leaf clover-
That chances upon you
Elusive, in a blink
That bliss-
Drenching in a sudden shower
A stolen kiss
Revelling -
In the joy of mischief played
In the innocence of the victory then
The harmony
Of a silence, a fierce warm hug

The most beautiful thing is
Being given that chance-
To celebrate Life.
24 April, 2012
This is part of my contribution for My Most Beautiful Thing, the Blogsplash where bloggers all over are participating, sharing their moments, pictures, writes, feelings, on this topic. It has been inspired by Fiona Robyn's book "The Most Beautiful Thing", which is available on Kindle, for free, today! This page on Facebook,  gives you details, and lots of posts on beautiful things, to read and rejoice in!
24 April, 2012

Friday, 20 April 2012


Disappointment has a rancid taste.
One you don't expect;
One that will, each time,
Take you by surprise.
No matter that you anticipate,
Expect and avoid, simultaneously.
No matter that you know
It will somehow sneak in.
Contrary as it seems
There is a pattern.
Each time, the same.
The build-up to expectation. 
The garnering of shreds
Of feeling, tangible and otherwise.
The neglect of  the knowing. 
The  ignorance.
The pattern falling in place.  
And you tell yourself.
I know. I knew!
I've learnt my lesson.
20 April, 2012 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Exuberance - Haiku

Bubbling over with
Sudden sparkles of frothy
Effervescent joy!
18 March, 2012
(Entirely instigated by misplaced exuberance of young girls of my class who indulged in a bit of graffiti in school, and were apprehended, red-handed :P. They wrote "Exuberantz" supposedly a "gang" name. Horrors! Yes, I did my thingy of ogre-ishness, and then wondered: How I love that word!
Hence. Because. And So. :P :) :D :lol: )
More Haiku, here
Picture, Google Images.


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