Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Rain on...

Drop by tingling drop.
Shine, sparkle, tickle and slather.
Rush down, to meet the yearning land
Merge, soak, overflow
As do those emotions, storming
Whirling, tumbling, and then

Rain on, deep in the heart too.
There is too much that is parched;
That is yearning.

So that the scent of fresh love
Might, once again, draw me in
To you.

Online, on a rainy line of thought :)
22 February, 2011
It rained and rained, this lovely evening :)

Picture, courtesy, Google Images :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fly to You!

Cosy and warm
In the cocoon
of your love;
I watch myself change!

A gawky woman,
Was I:
Unsure, chewing
upon the painful cud
on the distant horizon,
Of a million memories.

The light fell
upon me,
As you!

As you spun
the magic silky strands
of tender love,

I couldn't help
but want
to be more to you,
Though you looked
beyond, and into me!

And now, am I
on the threshold:
Donning your colour
Of love,
On the wings
you gave me;

And waiting-
And wanting-

To fly to you!


25 September, '07
Picture courtsey, google images :)


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