Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Haiku- Tat tvam asi

Alone, in your grace,

When You say; tat tvam asi.

Quietude fills me.

30 November, 2011

Notes: (After an age, I went very early, in the morning, to the temple; the peace was tangible, the air crisp, the feeling of being one with the energy was deeply moving. As I returned, the lines "Aham Brahmasmi/ Tat tvam Asi" the Sanskrit sloka meaning, very simplistically, "I have the divine in me/ You are that (too)" kept repeating itself. I had to write this :) )

More on Haiku, here, with the explanation of what it is. Briefly, it is Japanese Art form, in writing, where you need to use limited number of syllables... only 17, arranged in 3 lines of 5-7-5. I

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rebell- I - ous

All it took-
Is being told
No you can't.
Who's in charge?

You take inherent interest
Away, forcibly
Then please expect
Innovative influx of
Engaging enthusiasm
To do
To be
Just That.

I shall not say
I told you so.
You ought to have
Learned it, by now.

If not, you,
Very sadly, confirm
A lingering suspicion.

I've wasted time.
On you.
On opinion.

About time I discovered
A happy truth.
I love being the rebel!

24 November, 2011
Online, on a rebel's reckless train of thought :P

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ms. Pea, the Princess!

Once upon a time
On a mid-November day
To happy parents, was born
A pert little Princess.

Full of face
Maidenly grace
A tomboy impishness
A child's innocence, openness
Quirks, and
Sudden spontaneity
Were all gifts she grew with, into,
And carries, even now

Pretty, is she? Oh yes!
Poetic? Undoubtedly, the best!
Passionate? About almost everything,
Especially a certain...*ahem*!!!
Pouty, petulant? Errrmmm, only to charm! :D
Playful? Always, as the child
She'll always be,
No matter however many years pass!


Pea? Ah! Therein lies a
Sweet fairy tale, of the Princess
Who enchanted (as a mermaid would, perhaps)
A sea-faring, handsome young man
Only to be enchanted herself... :)
Knowing, through lifetimes lived
And yet to live, he was the ONE
To complete her! Her Prince.
The other Pea, in the pod :D!

So Ms Pea, and her Handsome Pea
Will soon find their day, their way
To the ever after horizon...

But, wait -
No that , but this day
Is hers alone, to be celebrated
To be loved, all the more

To be always wished
All of life's happiness and love :) :)

Happy Birthday, Sash-
God bless! Always!
15 November, 2011, for 16 November, 2011 :)
Pic. stolen from Sash's DP on FB :D

Sunday, 13 November 2011


I live that predicate
"I know I love
Subject, myself,
to that infinite verb(iage)
Unto the object

I wonder. Do you?
That I have not
Pr(o)epositioned or
Claused myself in
Limiting with a "till ever, always"?

Never needed it.
Conditionally, though,
Or otherwise.

That I can connect,
Without linkers, then,
Is enough.

The linguistics of life,
Subject me, and so it is
My predicament, it would seem
To be that
Adjective, that
Embellishes you.

To be,
To act,
To adorn
in interjections
Of a constant

Yes, I do love you.

13 November, 2011
(Aleph. That it is)


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