Sunday, 26 May 2013


Frame by frame
Stitched by feeling
Trimmed with pain
Frayed somewhere
Threadbare elsewhere
Rich and luxuriant
Colourful and picturesque
Or sepia tinted
With fading memories
Life, doesn't it just
Leave you
26 May, 2013

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Waiting in the Wings

I've been understudy too long
Even though you assure me
I'm leading lady, for you, always...
Do I take you at face-value?
Or perhaps read between the lines
Of your facetious compliment?
Compliment, it is, I presume.
I've lived the role, you know;
Once too often.
Messed up, sure, sometimes
But never the scripted ones.
Only when I tried to improvise. 
That should, perhaps, tell us a story.
Are we too written in?
Ready to be written off?
Or shall I ever, but always
Watch her rule the hearts
Of those who hang on her every nuance?
While I am waiting in the wings?

18 May 2013
Pic Courtesy Google Image Search :)


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