Friday, 29 August 2008


The breathlessness
Of your tenderness;

The buoyancy of
The total freedom
It gifts;

The fuzzy warmth of
The cocooning shelter;

And the dizzying heights
Of passion's depths...

This is not love. They say.
They say love hurts.
They say love drains you.
They say love weighs you down.

So, why can they not say, then
What it is - this all encompassing feeling?
Why do they look on so sourly?
Why can they not touch it,
The way I do, and you do too?

Perhaps, because this is the truest emotion
There ever was-
Love, like we know, only Love can be!
Just Love!

27 August, 2008

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Will You Listen?

You look at me so strangely!
Is it so difficult to comprehend?
I think, I dream, I know!

I am not a sack to be filled
Even if it be goodies, you dish out!

I think of touching feelings;
I dream of seeing sounds;
I know the sounds, colours make!

I try to tell you this,
but no, you'll have me sit,
Straight back, hands on the desk,
Pencil in hand, eyes on my book!

You'll have me shut out the goblins
Elves and fairies, perched upon my shoulder,
You'll have me utter nonsensical sounds
(You call them words!)
You'll have me blur my colours
Into black pencil strokes, on white paper...

And, Oh horrors!

You'll have me leave my Rainbow
Hanging in the rain rinsed sky-

And the pot of gold, lost forever!

27 August, 2008

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Moment

The open doorway beckons
My heart, it recognizes and surrenders!

Why did it call, so?
And why did my heart answer?

Fleetingly, I wonder, yet again-
I knew, didn't I? All along...

I knew we'd touch that emotion-
Indescribable, but, oh so tangible-
Together, the same instant
At that open doorway, between our hearts

Merging and mingling
Suffused with the warmth
Awash with the tingling tenderness-
That only the silent succor of love gifts.


A precious moment.
Existence ended then.
And life began...

6 August, 2008

Saturday, 2 August 2008

In Redemption

Expulsion, into exposure.
Naked stand notions.

Thoughts thrashing
Through screaming silence.

Your copious consolation;
Or casual concern?

In emotion electrified,
Yet redeeming regret;

I find favour finally-

Deeded to Death.

7 August, '07


I tho't I glimpsed

But all I have
now is

We seek to know-
We probe.

But do we really

Self delusion
never got

17 March, '84

To Be or Not

A worm spawns
from the filth.

A single purpose.
Devour, simply.

Quite ignorant
of the higher purpose-
the potential.

The worm has no choice
but upgrade.

Having no choices
Is sometimes a blessing.

9 July, '07

Witch Hunt

Breathe out
flame, and fume..

for what?

Some dragon!
Lost , and searching....

A poor village-
impudence of innocence-
All fair play,
in that witch-hunt.

Breathe fire,
Tame the cowering crowd-

And another tyrant
from the Staff of
The Death God!

Human? One wonders...
The next lesson to unlearn...

9 July, '07


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