Saturday, 16 October 2010


She comes resplendent-
To live her nine days;
In benediction, in grace!

To remind us-
And that demon within;
There is succor; If you seek.
There is hope; Should you despair.
There is penance; Is there none who does not sin?
There is life; For it triumphs even death, through the soul.

A moment’s realization
Is enough-
A penitent thought
Can find you a place
Far higher than kings!

A kind deed
Will pay you more than the
Richest man’s coffers.

She comes with this brightness;
This breathtaking promise!

And yet, each year,
We send her back;
After patronizing Her
Those nine days-
Like a guest overstaying Her welcome-

Foolish us!
Relieved She has left.
We become animals again!
Forgetting, She can never leave-
She stays, unacknowledged:
In wait, within us.

We may leave,
But She never can!

26, October, ‘07

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Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Pride of Lions or, The Fantastic Foursome :)

He's right up there, with the best of the Kings
Just a hard-headed Ram, but like his lion brothers, he sings :)
Caring, relaxed, wordy, wise,
With, nerves, chilled with ice :)

Now this one's a Lion, I knew it from the first
Twinkling eyes, a smile and cheer, on the brink, to burst
To punch a line, wholesome, wondrous and witty :)
In a flash, no less, he gets right to the nitty gritty :)

The next, a pretty one, of the zodiac of twins, whom everyone heeds
Perhaps not a lion, but the Pride, she undoubtedly leads :)
Dainty, demure, incisive, and more so, the stronger
She, well, they certainly don't want to mess with her!

All the while, with them ahead, he bided his time
Quiet growls, that grew to roaring, his signature chime
His is the Heart, he wears on his Van Heusen sleeve,
His smile, the sweetest, his will, I have faith in, and believe!

My Fantastic Foursome, that's who they are
Nestlings mine, they've flown to lands distant,and far!
Each a delight, each so dear and sorely missed
God's grace and blessing, they're always wished!

3 October, 2010


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