A Quixotic Rambler. A learner who pretends to be a teacher :D A quibbler sometimes, a mumbler most times, but a learner, always! Finding my way, and looking for the Dream..:) And sometimes I hope I shall not find it, because the Quest is such Fun!!! And Quest is so much fun, so much more, that I am now into Overdrive... :), a prosaic blog, which has shifted to wordpress. Being a Rambler, what is here, it spilled over, and so Overdrive happened. And then, wanting to have both blogs in one place, I then went on and merged this one with Overdrive, and A Quest on Overdrive happened. You'll find all my stuff there, including all posts from here :) The sidebar on the right has a link too, with news of the latest post :)

A stirring of the conscience that came as a result of reading so many of your own blogs, has resulted in yet another group venture, with like minded, and earnest, sincere, optimistic bloggers, and found itself a voice on "No Gender Inequality", which at the moment is on hold with me and the other bloggers taking a break from it :)

Welcome to this rather aimless rambling, this one in verse (so called) on A Quest..!

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