Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ships that fly!

Sailing, soaring high
On wings of dreams and laughter - 
(Have you)
Seen a ship this high?

21 February, 2013
This is a new genre, called 'an almost Haiku' :P! Seeing Shail Mohan's beautiful picture of this, on FB, the write just expressed itself, this way, and no other. Had to invent nomenclature, because of it!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

So, today ...

... bang in the middle of the day
I wait for those words, lurking
Just there. Just there.
Where I cannot reach.
They came, with the waking moment.
That moment, when you are, and you aren't.
That moment, when clarity strikes.
And fuzzy warmth of slow recognition
Mists over.
I reached out. Too late...
Like petulant children, they shied away.
That moment is when they wanted me.
Not two ticks later.
So here, in the middle of the day
I sit. I yearn. I plead. I know though
They won't surface now.
I also know when they will. :)
Not now. But at that moment,
When I turn away, peeking like those
Perky persistently playful creatures they are.
Not words. Not anymore.
They've grown beyond that
Into a yearning. Into a secret pleasure.
I don't know the story yet.
Or the ending.
All I have, are these tingles
These feathery-touch-me-softly promises
From them.
They'll come.
They'd better.
... They ought to.
They will, won't they?

14 February, 2013
Google images brought me to this pic. ... from this place:
The picture belongs to its creator there.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Twinkle Toes :D

Life's too short..
And there's only a rainbow
After it rains;
So why do you still want
To be a wallflower
Dying to turn to the Sun
And gaily toss your pert little 
Beautiful head, 
Giggle away, and forget
Your nerves... :)
You've got twinkle toes,
You have...
Didn't you just see?
And don't you worry
You'll find them again
When your eyes twinkle too
On that special day,
You bring home love :)
All I shall say now is...
Get on it, Girl!
My twinkle toes are tapping too!
Impatiently, I might add
To do that two-step
Or just let my hair down...
In all those steps... :D
So here's to us
And here's to fun
And here's to all of you
Who love your
Twinkle Toes... :)
10 February, 2013

Post-Reception where Omana and I had a great time :D
And plotted for the next time we would :D
(Sadly the pic to go with this one will have to wait :) )


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