Thursday, 29 May 2014

Settling into my skin

... is easier said than done!

When you know you
Not matter that others don't
Or perhaps can't
And sometimes won't!
Do you know you?
Do I know me?

Existential questions aside
I find I always surprise-
Sometimes the daylights :P -
Right out of me :D

And then I find
I need to mould again
Moult too, at times
As monstrous as it seems

Exfoliate, perhaps, not just my skin
But my soul, and seek afresh
A cleaner, leaner self. 

The quest, for me, I know
Shall go on...

The Holy Grail shall I find,
That too, is known :)
So, what of it?

That's quite the least of it. 

What matters, is just this.

To know, and love,
Each new me. 

29 May, 2014
As always, absurd, and online with it :P


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