Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My Sun Child II

I dreamed you up,
Years before you ever showed up

And laughed at the way you turned so true
To the way I wished you would be... YOU!

Ticklish and tender, like this one
Any mom would be proud, to have this SON!

All the same, I'm special glad, you're mine
Before anyone else, for you, can pine!

This rhyme is pretty awful, it's a chryme
Still, couldn't let this day pass without a chime

For you, just you, on this beautiful day
That marks your sunny birthday!

I wish the cake I'd baked had risen tall
And stayed soft, like you :) ; instead it chose, to fall...

Still it matters naught a pin
'Coz my baking's not worth the din

I always make when I brag and boast!
So here's to you, a nice peppy toast...

May the blues be chased away, and may all things be sweet and pink :)
May all your dreams, each one, be tinged with the joy of a magic ink
That shall write itself, and draw out those pictures bright, and make you blink
In sheer surprise, amazement, wonder, awe just as if it were from Fairy Tink!

And so I end my chryme, dearest one, saying so...
I love you, but of course, that you already know :)
But never shall I tire, of saying this, all aglow :) :)

God Bless! May your ship always find safe harbour, and pleasant winds, and take you to lands of your dreams! Happy Birthday, Arjun!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Reasons and Seasons

Did I ever need reason?
Realization dawned.
Just yesterday.

When, all of a sudden
The masks fell, and
Dammed emotion
Broke its bounds.

In our million moments
Togetherness - taken for granted?
Acceptance - given, denied
Rationalized, ignored.

Do I know you?
Am I still that mystery
You claimed I was?

The hurricane of trauma
When it struck
Put us on that hurdy-gurdy
Of an endless roller-coaster ride.
Pain. How many kinds are there?
All I know is this:
Each day I find one more.

And yet.
A Blessing.
A Benediction.
Invisible, tightly bound
Strongly held,
We were pulled together-
Into the eye of the storm.

Limp, spent, exhausted
We just hold each other close.
No more words-
Only tears - each drop, gracious
Each, only ours - not yours, not mine.

It is the season of knowing
Of Thanksgiving
Of Completeness-
Finding one more piece of
Each other-
That fit, just so right.

That's reason enough.
For now.

7 April, 2011


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