Sunday, 13 September 2009

Life... less

If life this be...
Endless yet tunnelled
Into a claustrophobic
Vortex of existence;

Am I?
Or better yet...

Will I ever be?

The cranium floods
With nerve ends tingling
Arcs over synapses

Terrifying me.

Life, I must admit
Shall be
My undoing.

Online, on a silly line of thought :)
13 September, 2009

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Words, for you and you… :)

Words when I want them
Wander away, whisper softer
Wait on the edge of the consciousness
Wanton in their wisdom
Waiting – for me to walk away!

Not today, I cannot-
I assert.
Oh? They look knowingly;
Knowing this day I’d want to
Knowing I have to-
Knowing something more,
As they always do, more,
Than I can fathom, of myself.

So today, I clench my quill
While the words wiggle their brows
Dancing playfully, around the
Pot of ink, wherein are the
Notes I must play, and let sing
Through spidery scrawls and lines-
My thoughts – nay… their notions.
The Words, I mean!

Yet today, my heart burgeons
With blessing and benediction
For I know such ones
Who, though they say not,
And stay not – will ever be with me.

To them, I write.
Of them, I write.

Waves of warmth she brings-
Guileless and gullible
Oh so innocently so!
Dramatic flair, a dreamy person
Dauntless in her beliefs,
Mature in her meditations
A darling, ever!
Daughter of my soul
And comrade of my heart
For you, this paean my dear
For you…
Keep safe! And stay the same!
Miss you, dear Sashu!

And another- seemingly of my childhood
My youth- my every yesterday
That came into a today
As a sudden burst of stardust!

As a quirky angel, shaking her mane
Dispensing the glitter of her words-
Frolicking, gambolling words
That she sets rolling, as only she can-
Streaming smiles, splendrously,
Sashaying through reams and dreams-
Unstoppable, indomitable, her spirit
Inviolate the purity of her notions
And unguarded, her heart-
Ready to reach out
Envelop and cosset;

A true lioness, no less is she
Never a dull moment – they all, but flee
In the sunny warmth of her this gurl, - Meggie
Who, by now, will probably be rolling – hehehe… :D!

For, in the words she writes
In the laughter she shares
Ins the feelings she inspires

Not just her kids at school,
But us too, are touched by her Grace
Learn much, in simple wisdom
Question, search and seek to know!

That alone, sets her apart-
As a rare jewel, the rarest yet
The beauty with the brains (Lol!)
The one who can take it all (to rhyme with Lol!)
And hand it right back
With a laugh, a giggle and
A Charming Smile!

Happy Birthday, dear Indygurl
May God Bless you infinitely!!

31 July, 2009

I miss Sashu, and I just wanted to share that here :)
Also, a round of Wondrous Birthday Wishes, for another special person.. Indyeah! Reading her latest post, just this moment, makes me realize nothing and no one quite compare with the sterling qualities this young lady envinces. Way to go Indygurl :) Solilo, you beat me to it though :)

And finally, this is a tentative foray into this sphere again... for as long as I can... :)

Friday, 3 July 2009

New Perspectives

Like inky nights
diluted with
pearly moonlight...

Like dry riverbeds
inundated with
rushing waters...

Like sudden stillness
invaded with
thunderous gales...

Or poignant silences
gentled with
murmurs and smiles...

And lack-lustre eyes
moistened with
tears of feeling...

Maybe there's hope for us-
New perspectives
Untold and untried..

Normalcy now,
would be
an achievement.

2 April, '91


A re post, to strive and find a muse again:)

Sunday, 31 May 2009

In the backseat...

Time there will always be

We know... :)

But now? Maybe not...

And so I take
from this world..

a little leaf
a little feather
a few drops of ink
a few cosy thoughts
warm memories...

Into hibernation, in my soul...
As I rest, and delve
Into the sea of consciousness...

To find myself... :)

I relinquish the wheel, for now,
And replenish the heart

For that is what matters, isn't it?


31 May, 2009


Impromptu, silly verse, just to say that I shall be going into hibernation for a while till time lends itself to me again, unconditionally :) If ever :)

Thank you for being here, and for having shared in sentiments and words here :) It has, and will always mean the world to me :) Thank you and God Bless!

Alert: Comments turned off :) Thank you in advance :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

In Reassurance....

In Reassurance..

And if you were
to let me loose...

Loosen the bonds
of love you
hold me within..

And if you were
to give me back
my space, my mind...

I wonder
Sadly, nervously...

I know you wonder too -

What if I asked?

What if you
couldn't deny me?

What if this
nightmare you
fear, turned real?

You wouldn't-
Rather, you couldn't-

I'm too precious,
a part of you
that rules the
rest of you!

Then how could
Just let me free!

And how do I
reassure you
that's the way
I'll always be..

A part of you.

No matter-
even if you
let me be


14 April, 07


Re-post, again :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Full Circle!

The first time we met,
Didn’t seem that way!

A lifetime before,
But how does
The time elapsed
seem so little?

How we seemed
to just pick up
from where we
left off-

When Fate perhaps
dealt a heavy hand-
That we found difficult
to play!

And so, the Carousel
stops here, this lifetime-
And we meet – again.

Funny, isn’t it?
How life always
comes round-
A full circle!

7 October, ‘07

Sort of connected mildly to the earlier post :) Something that came as a sort of sequel, if you wish :)

Friday, 1 May 2009

The Carousel of Life

Hop on!
I'll take you
On a ride-

Gaily, you called out,
that fine summer day.

I shied away-
Rides were not my thing!
Not that carousel,
Of dancing horses,
Never still...
Dizzying moments-
Though excitement
and joyful cries rent the air!

Hop On!
You urged,
Reassurance warm;
flecked in your eyes!

What do I say now!

Hopping on that ride
With you-
Was the best thing
I've ever done!

No matter that the carousel
Whirled us round..
On a never ending
hurdy-gurdy of emotions!

For, as someone once said,

Love doesn't make the world go round;
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile!

1 October, '07

Pic. Google doodle, Valentine's Day, 2013
Also a tribute to the creator of the Ferris Wheel, George Ferris!
Joining google in wishing him 154th birthday :)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Life, Again...

Into the well of silence
Flows our unspoken,
But deeply felt dreams;

The day you stepped
Right into my life-

(And broke down
the defences,
Constructed painfully
Through years and years
Of Banging my head-
Against the Wall of Life)

You left me open
And vulnerable again,
To Emotion-

I was lost.

The suddenness of
A cold cold stinging shower,
And here I am
Awakened to Life.

I find the silence
From the Screaming
Emptiness of Loneliness...

Life sprouted again,
Fed by the dreams,
Infused by your strength,
Your relentless tenderness,
And lifted by your
Buoyant, uplifting
Cloak of Love-

And so,
I find


27 March, 2008


Re-post again, till the Muse decides to pay a visit :) Bear with this rambler, please :) thanks :)

Monday, 30 March 2009


The knife twists in the wound
As I sit and watch

The pen scratches on paper
And I still feel inexperienced.


Saturday, 28 March 2009


If a cell is a unit of memory
Surrounded by matter...
I must be a memory map
Insensate and eternal!

If a cell, then, dies
Does that part of me
Get lost forever?

Are you and your
In me




Dear Me!

For, do I lose..

In that Carcinoma
When you overwhelm?

Or find myself
Fairly inundated
As you seep into
Every nook and
Cranny of my

Tell me
Dear One,

How will I ever
Cure myself

Of you?

7 January, 2009

Post Script:

Just posted this last night on the Ah Poetry comm., after an AGE, on Orkut, and so I had to share it here, as I usually do :)

Read this one? For you especially, Dhiren :)



Thursday, 26 March 2009


He came with the dawn,
Early morning mist-
A hazy form:
vague nothingness,
slowly taking shape!

My long night was
nearing light-
I knew, the sun
was just behind him.

Trapped in my darkness
I could do nothing,
but wait...
Endlessly, it seemed.

I wondered.
Did he know?
Was that why he came?

And I waited.

why, suddenly, the steps
seemed unsure

And the mist grew thick!

Still trapped in
my darkness
I knew
I would have to burn-
so that he could see light,
and part the mist again.

Only, I hope, he will forgive me
for being formless,
when he finally gets here.

5 June, '07

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


How could Fate
have been so cruel?
I wondered...

Not for myself
but for them,
Who so devoutedly
gave of themselves
and asked only
for blessings in
not for themselves
but for their own.

How could this be?

There are no answers,
some said sagely;
Things have a way
of happening,
others said, knowingly.

Neat, ambiguous answers
to console the
grieving hearts
whose pain is
the only unresolved
resolute and
undying residue

How can one ever
console them?

Even He cannot,
then who am I to
even try?

20 April, '02


A re-post. Just thought of this, after a visit to a family bereaved of their mother, who passed on, peacefully at the age of 90+. The time spent there, was filled with touching moments of grief, really, in the way all her grown up children, grand children and great grand children were moved beyond words with grief. There was peace, and there was grief, each in its proper place. But sometimes I wonder. I always have...
Ever since, that day, I have been wanting to repost this, just to share...

Thursday, 12 March 2009


It's Spring-
Wafting music
And fragrance
In the warm air.

Only on the outside.

I wait, like the
Selfish Giant,
for Spring to visit-
My heart;

I wait, for the
Benediction of
A loving thought
that I know
will come.

I'll wait;
For Spring
will not deny me.


I believe.

16 February, '08

Re-post :)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


just a couple of weary shells
on a lonely beach.
a couple of tired purposeless

till a grain of a fraction of
the golden sun
slipped between.

the pain started; endured
and crystallized as a drop of

into a liquid opaque milky

a beginning with you.
a realization of beauty.

my empty lifeless eyes
fill with tears....

17 March, '84


Re-post, again :)

Edited to add:

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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Quest, Again...

Into myself
down the


that letters form


weaving in and out
through emotion

through the
of experience
in pursuit
of that fleeting
gossamer texture

touching it,

will lend itself
to the bliss of
finding the
pot of gold
at the



I look again
to find



17 March, 2008

A re-post, till the quest brings more time and words to share :) :)
Thank you, once again, all of you wonderful people for having dropped in here to read, and share your views. A few more days, and I ought to be myself again, :D!!!

Another post on which I have tried the same nonsense structure :) ....

Your Music

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Tinkles, felt like rippling
Those intrinsic movements
that flow into each other
with such
in dream-like flash...

Soothing sounds like
gentle waves lapping cool
around the ankles, leading
to a euphoria;

so sudden as a fresh spray
tangy water;
like a breathless gasp
in a cold shower.

4 October, '83

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Slowly - so slowly -
I eased my foot into
that footprint
etched in my
long ago.

A footprint with
no feet to match;
till you strode into
my life.

The imprint fit.
You weren't an ideal

You were a lifestyle
that suited.

A way of life moulded.
I feel secure.

12 April, '84

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Curled up on my side-
Lost in thoughts of you...

I didn't know when
you flitted in-
And blew softly
Into my nape.

Eyes closed, lips curved
into a smile-
I knew and waited.

Smiling and sighing
Into my hair-
Turning me,
and nestling me close
Like a baby;

Thankfully, sending up a prayer,
I know, we've lived
Another beautiful day together.

All the time feeling
A sense of Wonder-

Love, I know,
And only you-
Could be so unconditional
with a paraplegic like me!

29 September,'07

And finally, it's here, Valentine's Day! May love shower upon you :) And May we all find that peace and harmony and above all love that will make a difference in our lives, and therefore the World :) Not just for lovers everywhere, but the human race itself :) As Surbhi said on the other blog, in her comment, may we learn Tolerance and Acceptance of each other, and appreciation of that difference :)

Another to share if time and inclination permit :)




Friday, 13 February 2009

A Predictable Surprise!

Got you there!
You say, when you call!

And I....
I can hear
the sound of the
gentle twinkle in your eye-
When you tease me so...

I can see the smile
slipping down from
your eyes- and
leaving your lips in
the light laughter!

Mmmm... and I can
literally taste
the warmth of your look-
The slow fire burning,
Lit by the love that
holds us together!

Each moment of
Our togetherness,
Is such a
Certain, Predictable,
Pleasant, Loving Surprise!

16 December, '07

Valentine's Day is tomorrow :) Come unleash love, to make the world a better place, a non violent place and a place where we can reclaim the choice to live, not just exist :) :)

Solilo:) Thanks for the prompt :) Am keeping the faith.. 6th post.. :)

A bit more mush here "Winsome Wiles" :) :)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

My Love For You!

My love for you-

Is so tender
like the brush of
the silken feathery touch
of a butterfly's wings...

Is so deep
as the unfathomable
depth of
the ocean of Love...

Soars to that
rain-rinsed rainbow
and ever higher, to
the stars twinkling forever.

Is All encompassing
as the expanse of
Timeless Space.

Animations - alien-blue

Is as real as my heart beats:
Each beat a poem of love,

For you-
Only for you!

So true is my love for you.

6 April, '96

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Notion

Purity, distilled in the essence
Of a dew drop. You, my love.

23 December, '07

This one is an itty bitty one, lol, but still I guess the mush is over the top :) Solilo, you continue to motivate one to spread the love :)

And perhaps you'd like to read another little one too? :) :)

august tidings

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009


We are not a perfect pair.
No! No! Not another pair of lovebirds.

We are not mirror images!
No, No! There would be too little of us!

We are not the dagger and the sheath.
Really! I’d feel real cut up, you know?

You see, we aren’t a pair at all!
I’m you, and you’re me-
Through all the multiple unreal images that manifest,
There is only One soul, we meet in!
I am, but that essence of you,
and so,
You are me!

So your smiles and giggles
Are expressions of my joy-
My tears are the outpouring of your sorrow-
The richness of life is in the
Magic of our mingling breath!

I breathe only as long as you live.

Stop! My dear, you say,
I exult!

And ..
I reply,

I’m breathless,
With your laughter!

26 October 2007


Another to share :

With you, always...

Valentine's Day run-up-flooding-of-Mush-and-Goo, in progress! And thanks again Solilo, for the precious advice!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Just Desserts...

The world crashed in that one moment.
Or so I thought;
Little imagining the aftermath of
The catastrophe would bring..

A time so fulfilling,
A promise so enchanting,
A feeling so overwhelming,
A bond so everlasting.

Never ever thought
I'd say:

Oh My!
Is this Heaven?

And hear the murmur
Close to my heart:


How could Love have crept up,
And folded us in its embrace?

No matter
You whisper...

Here we are,
Enjoying our
Just Desserts....

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As Valentine's Day inches closer, this is my way of carrying on, :), as Solilo has advised us all so sweetly :) Come, fall in Love!!! Lol!

And if time and inclination permit, perhaps you would like to read this one?


And if you want to be flooded, with the tiny ones :

Tantalizing Tanka

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tickled Pink!

Beguilingly beckoning
Me, in
Unspoken invitations;

You didn't move;
Just a knowing smile
Played upon your lips.

Hesitant, yet certain,
I ventured out, shed
The garment of Doubt!

My heart, bare of disguise,
Drawn to that self same me,
Only its me, in you!

No other way would I have it,
No other miracle was there so true!
No other - just me, and you; just us!

Vain I might sound - it doesn't matter.
My life is drawn with your ink.
In that heaven, me; tickled pink!!

4 August, '07

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[ tampered with a bit of work :)


Just thought of flooding this week with mushy gooey writes - Solilo's suggestions being followed, a week in advance :) :) in order to spread as much love as possible :) :), leading up to Val day:) So am scheduling one for each day:) When you get sick of it, just skip this page... :D!!!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

When Memories Rain

It's that time of year
When memories
Rain down on me-

Holding your little hands,
Running out into the rain,
Splashing, drenching,
Squealing, howling!

You two just loved the rain!

The years have flown by-
And this rainy afternoon
I sit, wrapped up in
Muffler and socks

At the open window
Feeling the tingling
Spray of the heavy rain,
In the light breeze...

Watching you play with
Other little hands in yours,
Little feet, and broad arms,
Linking and pulling
Squealing and rumbling-
Laughing and hooting!!

I'm glad, you still love the rain!

My heart warms at the sight
More than any woollens can do;

Am I glad, you two still love the rain!!

19 June, '07


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

To a Single Rose in a Vase

I see you in the corner-
breathing an aura of
colour and fragrance
into a large, sparsely furnished room.

Your quiet acceptance and
Your fortitude radiates into me,
and tells me that
despite the chaos my mind
reflects in my


Life must go on, and
there must be moments
such as this-
of self revelation
which give a richer
meaning to


22 June, ‘83


Picture: My brother's; worked upon, on Photoshop, very amateurishly, by me!

Sunday, 1 February 2009


An awed breathless gallop
Of a stallion,

Its mane lifting clear, erect,
Seen for a fraction of a second
Leaning forward...
Held uncontrollably in the air.

A quiet hush.
A sudden gasp.
A pain in the breath held still
To savour the moment.

And then-

A relapse,
A regression into the mundane.

A sigh in reproach.

7 Sept. '83


Friday, 30 January 2009

A Realization!

When silence speaks
A thousand tongues,
My words can speak
But one.

And though my heart can
sense Eternity,
Beating in tandem
with yours-
Why do my eyes seek
And probe
And question?

The Language of Love
Perhaps, is one
I need to understand;

And Still shall I be
I know, when I
Permeate and flow
As water-
As Life.
When I meet you
Where you have always been.

In me.

18 February, '08


A re-post :) Just to share again, from the Ones Lost in the Pile :) :)

Monday, 26 January 2009

Daughter Dear!

And one day

I was blessed
With a daughter dear!

Delightful darling!
She grew up too fast!

And today she stands
A bedecked, beautiful bride.

The sweetest smile;
Shy, and yet, that
Mischievous look,
When she raises her eyes!

Exchanging vows-
Oh my, my baby,
Now a wife!

A tear falls-
Hers, in mine.

No matter that
She now weds;

I'll always be blessed
With this daughter dear!

22 September,'07


As I have mentioned before, no, I do not have my very own daughter :) But the ways of the world are strange and blessed; found myself given the gift of at least two daughters...who I know ought to have been mine :) And so, they are :) :)

No, this verse does not subscribe to the theory of a mother losing her daughter at her marriage; rather this celebrates the occasion of her having found someone, (really :)), and our happiness. Dear One, S, I am so happy for you... cannot really tell you how much! May you be blessed to be together as peas in a pod :) :)

This also is to share my anguish over what is happening to Mother India's Daughters by those who have appointed themselves guardians of her Morality! Foolish men, who know not, the meaning of that word, of that succor that comes from a woman, their mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend!

Daughters dear, do not give up believing in yourselves

Do not lose the faith, that you are in every way equal

Do not cower in the face of brutalities of the real cowards

Daughters dear, men are, because you are!

Bless you!!

A Republic Day Honour :)

In the tricolour of the Nation
Is borne the strength of a peoples

The sanctity of a saffron spirit
Seeking to express the divine within
Soliciting care, and depth of experience
Protector of a benediction of Heritage divine!

The Purity of white, that sees all!
That carries a universe of hues
That reflects the purity back
From whence it pours, on a land welcoming!

The fecundity of a green, ever fresh
In the prolific innovation,
In the creative renewal
In minds, souls and hearts, ever warm!

On a day such as this
When the land rejoices a birth
A coming of Age, once more
Let me too join, with a flight
Of the Tricolour, dreaming dreams
For my Land, hoping hopes
To ever shine, and be uplifting.

For, as with a Nation, it is
A day to celebrate, a treasure
A gift, of warmth, of appreciation
Of Honour, most high!

And this is in Thanks to the spirit
And creativity of Balvinder Singh
Who designed and awarded this
Beautiful motif;
Indebted Sir, and much more than that
Glad that in someway one shares
A common platform where perspectives
Meet, mingle, find acceptance and Grow!

Thank you Sir!


25 January, 2009

The Citation

On the eve of the Republic Day of our country, i take this opportunity to present this award to my blogger friends who have made a difference by writing their frank opinions in their blogs as well, as in the comment columns of other blogs. These bloggers have not written any sensational or luscious stories to attract traffic to their blogs, but they have put down in prose as well, as verse, whatever they have felt strongly about, may it be about their personal lives or about a burning issue of the society. The sole purpose of their writing has been to make a difference. I wish that their ideas may fructify and bring a change in the society for better. I salute them all.

Salutes to you too Sir!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

To Just Be!

Just the other day
My breath caught
As I met your
Warm gaze.

That knowing smile
Simply lit my day,
And my heart sang
In sheer pleasure of being!

A quirky thought then
Flitted through my mind-
So this was what was
Meant to be - this

Was what I dreamed up
Those many many
Million moments ago-
In my dreams, my hopes...

A naive foolish dream
My young-girl's-heart thought,
Never for a moment realising,
Her heart had seen

And met, and known
The blessing of the Infinite,
The sureness of believing
In the Wonder of you!

And in that warm gaze
That now touches me, I feel it too -

Every step we've taken,
Every choice we've made,
Separately, unknowingly
Has led to this threshold

Of a day that burgeons
With unspoken vows
We never need to make now,
For we made them before
Our eyes even met-

When our hearts knew
So long ago, in time;

You and I were meant to be
Just be,
With no yesterdays
And no tomorrows-

Just be!

19 June, '07

Friday, 23 January 2009

Growing Up!

She wrinkled her
Pert nose-

Please? Let me!

No! You taught me,
And now, I will!

But your soft hands...
And the nails you grew...!
So what, they'll grow back again!

Daddy dearest, No!
I will change the flat tyre!

23 September, '07


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Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Window with a View!

The early morning sun peeks in
through the window
It withdraws just as quickly.
The fiery red sobers
to a pale gleam
that turns the dewdrops on the grass,
on the cobwebs in the garden
into liquid pearls…
winking momentarily before

dappled sunshine on the lawn
on the bougainvillea dominating the centre,
on the flower beds, a riot of colour and perfume!
Butterflies flitting from flower to flower
Their wispy wings aflame with colour in the sun!
Looking magical…

The cat- black with white socks, tawny eyed
writhing in obvious pleasure, pausing now and then
to fix a cunning eye on chirping sparrows nearby!

The sun blazing down mercilessly-
a curious stillness in the air-
no butterflies, birds, or cat, on the lawn…
total inactivity… in sultry scene…

Long slanting rays of the sun disappearing
over the far horizon.
The sky adorning hues of myriad colours
in rapid succession-
from pale yellow, a sudden flaming crimson-gold
to a pastel pink… till finally
shades of grey touch the
feathery clouds high above,
before darkness descends completely.

Birds flying home, silhouetted against
this colourful skyscape!
Raucous crows squabble, beyond the lawn
Chattering mynahs, magpies join melodiously..
Eventually, inevitably, they too settle peacefully,
As the first glares of the street lamps
blots the pearly glow of twilight!

And then it is Night-
sometimes dropping down in a
swish of silk
sometimes descending heavily
as a curtain…
The grand finale, at the end
of a long run!
An occasional firefly flashes signals
a blind bat swoops past with a whisper of wings..
a dry leaf scuttles crisply in the breeze…
Moths, dragonflies, insects swarm the street lamps.

Against the midnight blue sky-
stars twinkle invitations: irresistibly!
Night, an immense dark satin cloak
studded with diamonds
protecting the Earth!

The world sleeps, the hours go on-
The Window remains open
The panoramic views change
Always different, always enchanting.
Always magical.
Always inspiring…

Could it be…
My Window to Heaven?

30 September, ‘82

Pictures, curtsey:

Looking back on an adolescent piece :) And trying things out with the scheduled post, and publish to draft to schedule :) :) The pictures have all been taken from Google Images. I cannot find the real original ones of the window and lawn and house TA-5 where we lived, and had that bougainvillea, and the cat we called "Yellow" for the colour of his eyes :) Every detail outlined here is for real, and I guess that is why this is a treasured write :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


A wounded bird
Abandoned and

He tried too hard-
They said.
Not knowing he
only wanted his
sole self freed.

He sinned and
paid the price,
They crowed
Not knowing how
much their inner voices
Fools, don't you realize
he only tried to make you see!

A patch of shade
Thankfully graced
his self.
Weary, yet serene,
he looked up-

Still pleading.
A prayer, spontaneous
escaped his parched self.

Forgive them, dear Lord
For they know not what they do.

The utterance sealed his fate-
As the angry mob descended
in a dark cloud.

It was time.
He simply surrendered.

To live again a thousand times
In each heart, that pecked him
to oblivion.

25 August, 07


Monday, 19 January 2009

Curtain Call :)

It's been a great day out,
And the show was great
Wasn't it?

Wearing words
Flailing quills
Battling notions
Breathing emotion

Tumbling in
And then out,
At the end of this
Fine fine day,

I take the Curtain Call
To say Thank you
Thank you, and
Thank you :)

I dip a curtsy
I make that bow too
I am charmed by you too
You see :) :)

For I should not be here
Saying these silly sweet nothings
If it weren't for you
And all your Wonderful Somethings!

*Waving flying kisses*

Thank you dear visitors
And readers
And blog hoppers:)

God Bless and
God Speed!

19 January, 2009


In thanks for all the honour of the awards :) Do drop by and pick up yours, if you haven't already :) :)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Found, then Lost!

Found, I am.
By you.
Lost, I am.
To myself.

And that, perhaps,
Is why
I shall have to
search till Eternity-

If I so wish.
If I ever wanted
to meet Me again.

Happily enough,
I don't really want to.

I'd rather keep you.

17 September, 07


A re-post from Writer's Lounge, where I had posted it a while ago. Waiting for the muse to reach out again! And also trying out the Scheduled Post Options to see if it works. Just discovered it with the previous post:)

Friday, 16 January 2009

For Faith

Bridging the gap
With a million thoughts;

Making that leap of Faith
And landing three-legged,
On Love, and Trust and Hope...

Knowing all else shall follow.

It wasn't easy,
Letting go of dogma;
It's harder yet
To stay sane,
Despite Love,
When my heart becomes
A rugged ground-
Raw and Earthy;

Lost in a maze
Of self-recriminations...

Fighting to stay above
The Water;
Fighting to keep the Faith...

In that battleground, called Life,
For me,
Faith is the strongest soldier.

The only one,

The Achilles Heel.

4 February, '08

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Honour of Proximity!

It is but a world, virtual
And yet, how utterly real...
In terms of time, space, and
Endless entities,
One meets oneself:

Sometimes in another's voice
Sometimes in the feeling it evokes
Sometimes, just a whiff of its fair breeze...

For, Camaraderie
Blessed am I!
Virtually real, and
Really so special!

For acknowledgement
Of that knowing and the sharing

For Proximity of notions
Beliefs, and the sense of humanity!

Thank you dear friends
Indian Homemaker and
Hitchwriter, and Deeps too
for an honour
Richly appreciated
And humbly received!

7 January, 2008

Thank you very much, IHM and Dhiren and Deeps. Honoured, truly. And in keeping with the tradition, I would like to pass these awards forward to ...
Edited to add: Honourned to receive from Rukhiya too..:) Thanks dear girl!!

The Citation of the Proximity Award

These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

It gives me deep joy to share this with eight other friends

for ever inspiring, motivating, appreciating, and most of all for the gems of poetry he shares. Who would say that he's an engineer? An awesome poet, to the core.

For her brilliance of expression, in verse and prose. A doctor in the making, a litterateur by instinct, a dancer too, her work gives me gooseflesh!

The voice that speaks up for those without one, adds more to those who do have one, instigates one to go on forward, and be an Indian :)

Yer another doctor in the making, a bright spark of life, in letters, feelings emotions, and the energy of her imagery in verse!

for the Sheer and Simple joy that transmutes and transmits itself from her poetry to your inner self. She is akin to a Sufi poet, for me :)

Prabhu Dutta Das
for the most amazing comments, :), and the posts he shares on his space :)

His verse appeals, his notes give warmth, and he always leaves you with Peace!


The Solitary Writer, Stephen
for the way he relentlessly explores frontiers of writing, in poetry, prose and fiction!

Edited to add:
Since I have been kindly awarded this one again from Rukhiya, and Shail, I would also like to add these bloggers , who have in some way touched me with their work, for the veracity of their writing, and the passion with with they LIVE

Rakesh Vanamali,
for his measured and even pace of writing, his numerous tributes to persons known and unknown, and for some lovely nostalgic memories of Ooty he brings to me!

Aareet Krsna
for visions conjoured with words and letters, engaging one in thinking out of the box and at the same time dishing out some extraordinary poetry!

Meena, or Winnie the Pooh :)
Amazing poetry, beautiful blog, and the warmest of words to share!

Sanket too, for his
Verses that create visuals startling and beautiful! His word play and

Corinne Rodrigues
For narrative and verses of inspiration she shares with us!

Man In Painting
His incisive use of words, that enchant, and create a hundred different mirrors to reflect meaning, is simply out of this world. In each of his pieces there is a painting in words!

Amit Khanduri
A Naval Officer, who has strong views, writes beautiful poetry and thought provoking prose. Some great reviews too!

Congratulations to you all dear friends. Do pass it onward !!


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