Wednesday, 20 May 2009

In Reassurance....

In Reassurance..

And if you were
to let me loose...

Loosen the bonds
of love you
hold me within..

And if you were
to give me back
my space, my mind...

I wonder
Sadly, nervously...

I know you wonder too -

What if I asked?

What if you
couldn't deny me?

What if this
nightmare you
fear, turned real?

You wouldn't-
Rather, you couldn't-

I'm too precious,
a part of you
that rules the
rest of you!

Then how could
Just let me free!

And how do I
reassure you
that's the way
I'll always be..

A part of you.

No matter-
even if you
let me be


14 April, 07


Re-post, again :)


  1. A veritably catch 22 situation :D

  2. Meena, :) Right. Thank you for being here!

  3. This is so true and real. A pure thought in itself.. a lovely feeling indeed.

  4. lovely n thoughtful.... but love has to b set free.......

  5. marvellous..............i love dis.......

  6. Ah!Ushus :)
    would just that ah suffice? :))

    Love is such a dilemna isnt it?At times...
    and all the emotions that churn inside....

    and the last lines said so much...a fear that one will lose oneself perhaps?
    How many times does one gone through it?
    I have lost count...

    and its only at moments that are very special when one realises that one is fortunate enough to not worry ever...

    for, when love is strong and without any boundaries all the fears vanish dont they?


  7. so so so brilliantly put :) nuthi cud hv expressed de "spaces" so well :) truly amazing a write..i remember this one!! :)

  8. Once again beautifully versed........This had me thinking.........And how do I
    reassure you
    that's the way
    I'll always be..

    A part of you.

    No matter-
    even if you
    let me be

    Me!.............Love truly never ends., letting me be Me, is also one way of saying I love you..Love is a dilemma indeed , ....Lovely and very thoughtful...Ur words never fail to touch me Usha.

  9. Meenakshi, thank you!

    Priyanka, thank you... indeed for it to be love, there has to be freedom too... but it never happens that way always, isn't it?

    Ananya, thank you for the visti, and the sweet words :)

    Praveen, a surrender is what happens finally :) Wholesome? I am not too sure :)

    Indygurl , beautifully put, this:
    "when love is strong and without any boundaries all the fears vanish dont they?"

    Yes.. still as you say, the dilemma haunts now and then too :) Thanks and (((hugs))) to you too :)

    Sashu :) Thanks dear one... glad you remember it too! :) :)

    Poonam, thank you! What a lovely way you put it too... how love never ends, no matter how much dilemma there is :) You responses here too are very touching. Thanks again!

    Shalu:) Thanks :)

  10. Even when YOU are 'within' ME
    and trying hard to let me be
    you'll fail for there are strands you can't see
    to which this soul clings unwilling to be free.

    Usha, just beautiful!

  11. Govind, as usual, awesome verse in reply :) As Salil has said, your notes are not just profound, but they rhyme so beautifully that it is an honour to have them grace the write :) And make it worth writing :)

    Thank you!

  12. Ain't I so glad to be back here among such beautiful verses! :) It's the sheer simplicity of words that is so beautiful! Keep 'em coming! Again has to be one of my favourites. :)

  13. She looked at the mirror and asked if the mirror wanted her freeze in it. The mirror replied I would rather have the part of you which nestles in me :)

    The mirror wins? She wins? Who let Who go?

  14. Nice one..
    love is the key..

  15. Tara :) thank you, nice to have your words here too!

    Prabhu, wow! What a metaphor you have come up with :) I think most often everyone wins, if it is love :) Thanks so much!

    MIP, thank you :)

  16. A part of you.
    No matter- even if you let me be Me!

    Beautiful words! (I need to make a check list of positives if I should stop myself from repeating that ur posts are beautiful. :( )

    A small promise with a lot of confidence, in each other, but then, love itself is a promise, and the words above state the mere fact.

  17. maam, thank you, you'll be missed, and you ll be remembered...this is after reading your last post, i just had to say something somewhere...


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