Tuesday, 28 February 2012


A piquant thought nudges me-
As to
Why words topple into me
When the clocks tick midnightwards.
Perhaps they’re tired of hanging out of reach
And think I might just not notice
As they slither down the thought strings?
And so with eyes dry drowned in midnight oil
I grab them, before they squirm out of reach!
Only to array them before me
And wonder, suddenly, where all the magic did go

I should have left them be.

28 February, 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012


I write stuff. 
In-your-face, sometimes. 

Tantalizing, to myself. 
Nerdy, to some.
Often, surreal, to all.

For, the meaning, the picture
Is hazy when seen through eyes
That do not own words.

See? You've got to see them
Then touch them just a bit
As you roll them round your tongue...

Feel that quiver perhaps when a tiny
Plosive sound echoes a heartbeat's cry.

Bah! What's that? You gag!
I've known terrorists you know, 
The kind whose "plosive" *snigger snigger*
Sounds I've laughed away...

And you. You. You perhaps 
Insinuate, I cannot fathom
The utter senselessness of 
That word?

Which one? I ask. 
You're not sure, I can see.
Which plosive sound? Did I not
Just implode, with that suggestion?

And that is what I did mean.
A word like Love. 
A word that cries.
A sound that smells 
Of disdain. 

Breath rushes out between
Half opened, sometimes closed lips
When you articulate. I beg you. 

Even when sounds defy
Phonetic seriousness
Not adhering to norms. 

When you listen.

And then, then only
Will I grant that you can


26 February, 2012
Online, on a silly line of thought :D

Monday, 20 February 2012

Flickering Candle, Immeasurable Light

In the deep distant expanse
That I traverse within, I find
No light.

The pit, the darkness, sometimes
Does comfort. It helps to know I cannot see.
Eyes, inward, heart hurting, seeking
Absolution, from emptiness.

And then it glows. You do. You.
Broken journey; you make me halt.
You light that candle, that shines into-
Not just without, but within.

I'm forced to acknowledge; blink;
You cannot know how that hurts.
Even from a flickering candle. It does.

When I cannot but live with so little,
How will I ever measure up to that
Which you give? But take I must.
Live, I shall.

The choice has been made.
I will merge into your light,
Seeking that shade, which I yearn for.

Darkness was so comforting.

20 February, 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012

A Lifetime of Love

Thoughts gathered from musty corners
(Of my forgotten heart, and vigilant mind)
Of an aeon ago, tell me how much
How very much I did not know
How, I did not live...
How very much, I 
Yearned, to do, just that.
 And so I come a full circle.
To this. We. Us.
To that moment when love
Joined life, and we began.  
To each waking moment
Or slumberous dream...
Stalking closed lids
And warmly held closenesses.
To smiles, thrown in abandon;
To enjoyment in a child's shout of laughter;
To holding hands and quick hugs;
And leaning my head, into your shoulder;
Of a pat on the back, 
A sneaking admiration, open-mouthed
But well-hidden!
Of how I stand back, and let you ...
Do all you ever wanted to;
Knowing it is Love, of yourself, 
And therefore another, that lets
You be the best, you can.
For you. For me. For us. 
For Love.  
13 February, 2012
Valentine's Day, for me, is everyday, but special too, for it completes, and starts another year of celebrating Love, each day, each moment. Wishes to all of you too :)

Saturday, 11 February 2012


And when the last show has been done
And the curtain falls, one last time, on the night
And the stage, abandoned, except for those who
Lurk on the edges, undoing the glorious garb it wore

When, the people slowly pour out, in the
First great wave, than a trickle, as the flow
Is damned, in loud, then hushed riposte
If ever you could, hushed...

When only your other self, that wowed remains
Ethereal, formless on the emptied stage
You sigh.
The high, of having been that form
The regret of now leaving it behind
And always, the yearning.

Why did it have to end?

11 February, 2012


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