Monday, 20 February 2012

Flickering Candle, Immeasurable Light

In the deep distant expanse
That I traverse within, I find
No light.

The pit, the darkness, sometimes
Does comfort. It helps to know I cannot see.
Eyes, inward, heart hurting, seeking
Absolution, from emptiness.

And then it glows. You do. You.
Broken journey; you make me halt.
You light that candle, that shines into-
Not just without, but within.

I'm forced to acknowledge; blink;
You cannot know how that hurts.
Even from a flickering candle. It does.

When I cannot but live with so little,
How will I ever measure up to that
Which you give? But take I must.
Live, I shall.

The choice has been made.
I will merge into your light,
Seeking that shade, which I yearn for.

Darkness was so comforting.

20 February, 2012


  1. Though the candle did light, pelt
    it surely would, your discomfort felt
    and then it would quickly melt
    to darkness where happiness you felt.

  2. Govind :) sorry for the delay in replying. Just so much of backlog to carry on with, that it seems to be taking ages, to climb out of the darkness :)
    Thank you for the light you give
    That makes each write here live
    So much so that I'm sure you'll forgive
    Lapses in replies, I'm late to give :)


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