Monday, 13 February 2012

A Lifetime of Love

Thoughts gathered from musty corners
(Of my forgotten heart, and vigilant mind)
Of an aeon ago, tell me how much
How very much I did not know
How, I did not live...
How very much, I 
Yearned, to do, just that.
 And so I come a full circle.
To this. We. Us.
To that moment when love
Joined life, and we began.  
To each waking moment
Or slumberous dream...
Stalking closed lids
And warmly held closenesses.
To smiles, thrown in abandon;
To enjoyment in a child's shout of laughter;
To holding hands and quick hugs;
And leaning my head, into your shoulder;
Of a pat on the back, 
A sneaking admiration, open-mouthed
But well-hidden!
Of how I stand back, and let you ...
Do all you ever wanted to;
Knowing it is Love, of yourself, 
And therefore another, that lets
You be the best, you can.
For you. For me. For us. 
For Love.  
13 February, 2012
Valentine's Day, for me, is everyday, but special too, for it completes, and starts another year of celebrating Love, each day, each moment. Wishes to all of you too :)


  1. Valentine's day is indeed everyday. I like your add on better than the poem. It says so much in so little

  2. Welcome to A Quest, and thank you for leaving that note, hidingfromme :)

    And well, it IS hardly, but hardly a poem.. there aren't any here, just rambles :) Add ons are always the better part of most things too!

    Thank you for your visit!

  3. Though it looks like a pretty straight fact
    to let the other be selfish is such a selfless act
    there aren't many who can keep this unwritten pact
    but glory be to those who master this tact.

    Just Rambles??? :)

  4. Govind, I cannot begin to tell
    What a delight it is! Tho't I hadn't a hope in hell
    To see your words drop here, tinkling like a bell :D
    And sure I'm hooting for joy, at a decent decibel
    Thank you, thank you, I also yell!

    Great to have your quatrain in place. The ramble (yes :) ) is now complete!


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