Saturday, 11 February 2012


And when the last show has been done
And the curtain falls, one last time, on the night
And the stage, abandoned, except for those who
Lurk on the edges, undoing the glorious garb it wore

When, the people slowly pour out, in the
First great wave, than a trickle, as the flow
Is damned, in loud, then hushed riposte
If ever you could, hushed...

When only your other self, that wowed remains
Ethereal, formless on the emptied stage
You sigh.
The high, of having been that form
The regret of now leaving it behind
And always, the yearning.

Why did it have to end?

11 February, 2012


  1. Aayushi, thank you so much! I overlooked this comment, while checking out my inbox :(
    God Bless!

  2. Beautiful. Somehow reminded me of this Billy Joel song. One of my favourites.

  3. Thank you for getting here, Govind, and sharing that lovely song. Took me back and gave a time of sheer nostalgia, that piece of music!


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