Sunday, 31 May 2009

In the backseat...

Time there will always be

We know... :)

But now? Maybe not...

And so I take
from this world..

a little leaf
a little feather
a few drops of ink
a few cosy thoughts
warm memories...

Into hibernation, in my soul...
As I rest, and delve
Into the sea of consciousness...

To find myself... :)

I relinquish the wheel, for now,
And replenish the heart

For that is what matters, isn't it?


31 May, 2009


Impromptu, silly verse, just to say that I shall be going into hibernation for a while till time lends itself to me again, unconditionally :) If ever :)

Thank you for being here, and for having shared in sentiments and words here :) It has, and will always mean the world to me :) Thank you and God Bless!

Alert: Comments turned off :) Thank you in advance :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

In Reassurance....

In Reassurance..

And if you were
to let me loose...

Loosen the bonds
of love you
hold me within..

And if you were
to give me back
my space, my mind...

I wonder
Sadly, nervously...

I know you wonder too -

What if I asked?

What if you
couldn't deny me?

What if this
nightmare you
fear, turned real?

You wouldn't-
Rather, you couldn't-

I'm too precious,
a part of you
that rules the
rest of you!

Then how could
Just let me free!

And how do I
reassure you
that's the way
I'll always be..

A part of you.

No matter-
even if you
let me be


14 April, 07


Re-post, again :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Full Circle!

The first time we met,
Didn’t seem that way!

A lifetime before,
But how does
The time elapsed
seem so little?

How we seemed
to just pick up
from where we
left off-

When Fate perhaps
dealt a heavy hand-
That we found difficult
to play!

And so, the Carousel
stops here, this lifetime-
And we meet – again.

Funny, isn’t it?
How life always
comes round-
A full circle!

7 October, ‘07

Sort of connected mildly to the earlier post :) Something that came as a sort of sequel, if you wish :)

Friday, 1 May 2009

The Carousel of Life

Hop on!
I'll take you
On a ride-

Gaily, you called out,
that fine summer day.

I shied away-
Rides were not my thing!
Not that carousel,
Of dancing horses,
Never still...
Dizzying moments-
Though excitement
and joyful cries rent the air!

Hop On!
You urged,
Reassurance warm;
flecked in your eyes!

What do I say now!

Hopping on that ride
With you-
Was the best thing
I've ever done!

No matter that the carousel
Whirled us round..
On a never ending
hurdy-gurdy of emotions!

For, as someone once said,

Love doesn't make the world go round;
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile!

1 October, '07

Pic. Google doodle, Valentine's Day, 2013
Also a tribute to the creator of the Ferris Wheel, George Ferris!
Joining google in wishing him 154th birthday :)


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