Monday, 27 December 2010

She waits...

A doting mother waits

In expectation of a windfall!

She waits...

With a secret joy-

A quiet knowledge,

An earnest prayer


Absolute faith!

29 March, 2010 ...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Rich harvests they say
Come from careful tending
Golden grain, smiling with promise
The fruit of sheer love. Mirrored across!

Careful tending, such as
Only you can do.
Together, concerned.
Loving, protective.

Watering with endless encouragement
Pruning, gently, when needed
Watching over with pride
Each stalk, each leaf, tenderly.

Stepping back, so that they could
Soak the sun, be part of it,
Stand upright, all on their own.
Their own. Yours. Ever. Always.

And steeped in a heavenly glow
As would a hallowed halo
Still there, bound in a
Circle of love, enveloped in golden sheen.

Dearest Mummy and Daddy
You're wished from our hearts
Filled with love, by your own.
Your very own. Us all!

Happy Golden Anniversary-

Dad and Mom
There's Viju, and Vinu
And me, Trips and Anu...
Archie, Arun, Lakshmi n Kiru n Chotu and Kunju...
Not to forget... awww... achudu
Malu, Appu, Paru, Kuttan and Chinnu!

Remember, your family adores YOU!

2 December, 2010
(on a wave of sheer inspiration, in school :D!)
(For 7th December, celebrating our parents' fifty years of togetherness!)
Psst... if you came here first, perhaps you'd like to go across to "Overdrive", my other blog, where I have another one for them there, called "Golden Moments" :)


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