Sunday, 14 October 2012

For You, Parukutty :)

What is it, about this daughter
That makes this mother proud?
And happy and filled with quiet contentment?
It fills her too, with a motherly anxiety :P
one that warms, rather than distrubs :D
The girl talk
The secret sharing
The tale telling
The gyan bestowal :D :D
No, not just that.
It's more. More. 
The empathetic listening ear.
The generosity of a heart
that knows only to share.
The innocence of childlike fun :)
The enthralled enchantment in
simple pleasures of life.  :)
That is her. My Parukutty.
And, as she celebrates her first birthday, today,  as my "kutty" (child :) ), all I wish is that the Heavens keep her this lovely, always, this loving and always, but always, this lovable :)
14 October, 2012


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