Friday, 1 January 2010

O Yearning...!

The cottony softness
Of my marshmallow heart-
Meltingly greets yours

Where had you been?
All these aeons?

The brittle crust of
Hopelessness took a while
To soften, to crumble

When love oozed and soaked
Me up - from your eyes
In the feathertouch of your
Lashes, your fingertips

In tingling goosebumps
And tiny shudders,

My heart, finally
Learned to beat!

22 December 2009

Just a mushy gooey start to the new year :) In hope of more love to fill our lives, and keep us going through life, keeping an eye out for each other, and helping each other on our way through life :)

Also for two special girls, my daughters, Sash, and Abhi, as they celebrate their lives, with love :)

And a Happy New year to all of you! God Bless!


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