Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I work with words
Work around them
Turn them inside out,
Sometimes invert them
Within themselves...

Split each one, tear limb from limb
And share their screaming silences
Or their silent laughter
With innocence writ large in confounded
Sometimes, again, with blasé bored shut down faces. 

Sometimes, I see them dancing, hanging playfully
Below the ceiling, creeping in through windows
Where a stray eye streaks out to escape the 
Stifling metaphor that coagulates her brain...

And at question time, I wonder at the looks:
Ask, and eyes vacantly hunt upwards, 
Seeking the selfsame words I tried to give them
Only they indifferently ignored them... :)

And now, I see them, there, tantalizingly hovering
Playing hide and seek, as the questing eyes
Cast upwards...

How I love that about them!

31 January, 2012
(Live in Class today :))

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