Friday, 21 December 2007

With you, always....

In the darkest hour
of night,
I will be your brightest star;
In the longest unending
road ahead,
I am there, walking beside you;

In the deepest sorrow
hanging heavy in your heart,

I am the unshed tear drops in your eyes;
In the quietest moment
of your loneliness....
Am I not there?
With my arms around you?

Every step, every breath
every moment...
my love
I am there, with you

Usha, 18 November, 2001


  1. evergreen fav, indeed :) tender n lovely!!

  2. After an age of drought, the muse appeared again, with this one:) that is why its so special:)

    Thanks Sash:)

  3. So full of love and reassurance. Loved this post too...


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