Friday, 21 December 2007

there's hope

deep,deep wells of sadness
in unforgotten memories
and unspoken words;
so much, so very much
we carry around.......
beasts of burden we are-
and haven't we always been?

and yet there's hope...
when we pool our sorrows
and envelop it in our love
in the surety, the certainty
in the wonder of our love.

Life may never be easy
Life may never be smooth
Life may never be peaceful
again. ever;
but Life will always be
with you in my thoughts,
with our love a tangible cloak
wrapped around us:
a cloak of the many colours of Life
that grows brighter, warmer,
drawing us into our innermost
depths - with love, in love.

Usha, 18 Nov. 01

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