Saturday, 1 December 2007

A Salute!

More precious than the
Moment I held you
In my arms-

More dearer than the
Moment I watched you
Take that first step-

More firmer my faith
Than that moment
You chose your path ahead;

Biting back my gasps;
But making sure you knew
My hand was there-
To hold and guide and support and comfort....

For, only you know-
How torturous the road was;
To this threshold you now are at,
Sailing rough waters.

To pass under that

I saw you
Proud, straight-
The perfect salute;
The smile that played
on your lips.

This mother now,
With pride anew in you,
Hands you over, to our Mother;

With the deepest respect;
For, more precious, more dear
Are you now.

And more firmer my faith
In all that you will do.

A Salute to you
My son!!

Usha, 1 December, '07


  1. A salute..simply so realistic and so poetic..that makes it special..Indeed special mam.

    Have seen these uncle was an IAF captain ..the salutation,the parade,the discipline,the honour,the pride--all of it ..

    one can sum up and really make a frame worth being proud of in a lifetime,specially being a mother.

    widout comparison,every profession is of immense pride..But to see a son/daughter actually serving his/her country is I guess something really special and will be..above all!

    Bless your son mam and congratulations to you and ur family for that special moment.

  2. Congratulations on a moment to cherish. So blessed are those moments, though few, hold on to you for a life time.
    A salute to son and the mom!!

  3. a beautiful sentiment...a mother's pride...a son's achievement... heartfelt write! juz love it for all doz ryt reznz!!!!! :)

    This mother now,
    With pride anew in you,
    Hands you over, to our Mother;

    beautiful!!!!!! love this one ma'm!!!!

  4. Soumya, Pop and Sash...

    Thanks! Blessed to have know you all, however virtually :)!!!


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