Friday, 14 December 2007


my hand stretches out

unbiddingly -
to reach for the long slim


shaking fingers

burn it to life
scorching it
crumbling it to ashes

taking its breath away
to make me feel.

the white cloud

streams free -
after capture in
rotting lungs.

I know-
I know-
my time has come
as it meant to
crushed out like the
last remains of a long

slim cigarette

the hot orange
stifled to grey ash

And still I do it
Dear god -
Still I do it.

7 March, '84


  1. nice one ushaji...

    coincidentally i was exactly one month old when you wrote it ..:)

  2. some thing i had not read before in AP

    Good one as ever a diff this time :):)

  3. Good take :) i can add some more damage it does :P lol:)

  4. brilliantly says it all..yeah I would love to add some more damage it does too:D

    I suppose it can only be understood by someone who is unable to let go of the can be hard I suppose

  5. If Requiem for Dream had an effect then- You sure rekindled it :)

    I am repeating at the risk of being repetitive.. If the world were to eke out another land allowing only people with words to be the citizens- You would find yourself in ruling court.
    (Had left the same comment on Sashu's blog :)

  6. Usha, I hate to say this but... you might be written about 50, 200, maybe even 2000 years from now:)

    Lovely, so deep, so imaginative, so everything, long time since I read something like this:)

  7. Sidharth Poduval , thanks :) I know it is a long time since that day isn't it ? :)

    Shal , one of the earliest postings on AP, perhaps that is why you could not read it :) Thanks so much!

    rukhiya , :) sure, that is true, more damage it does.. :) Thanks for adding that!

    Indyeah , Meg, certainly it would be right to say that only a person so afflicted would know. :) Thank you as always for being there!

    Prabhu Dutta Das , as always, you bring another dimension altogether to the perspective. Thank you for the kind words :) Flattered no end :)

    naperville mom , oh my oh my :) overwhelmed by that note :) Thank you so very much. But then, I hate to say this too, lol, but I guess you might have overestimated the reach of the words here. :) Made my day to read those words :)

  8. It reminds me one of my poem on similar note


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