Tuesday, 24 March 2009


How could Fate
have been so cruel?
I wondered...

Not for myself
but for them,
Who so devoutedly
gave of themselves
and asked only
for blessings in
not for themselves
but for their own.

How could this be?

There are no answers,
some said sagely;
Things have a way
of happening,
others said, knowingly.

Neat, ambiguous answers
to console the
grieving hearts
whose pain is
the only unresolved
resolute and
undying residue

How can one ever
console them?

Even He cannot,
then who am I to
even try?

20 April, '02


A re-post. Just thought of this, after a visit to a family bereaved of their mother, who passed on, peacefully at the age of 90+. The time spent there, was filled with touching moments of grief, really, in the way all her grown up children, grand children and great grand children were moved beyond words with grief. There was peace, and there was grief, each in its proper place. But sometimes I wonder. I always have...
Ever since, that day, I have been wanting to repost this, just to share...


  1. Fate is always cruel! It is meant to be so for us to ascend to a level higher than where we currently are!

    My condolences!

  2. cruel fate knocks on the doors at the most inopportune time...Its upto the survivors to gather strength and move on..

  3. Rakesh, I know. And thank you. Shall pass the condolences onward too.

    Praveen, indeed, it is always the ones left behind who have to gather that strength. Thank you for the good words.

  4. A life well lived knowing one was so loved...What else could be heaven but this?
    Of knowing even from beyond that you are missed so much..

    She will be smiling I think:)
    and blessing her hearts:)so many of them

    a life celebrated like none other...paradise is this..


  5. Lovely poem!!

    This post reminds me of my Grand Mother who too died late. I was pretty close to her. It's so hard to lose someone. My hearty condolences.

    Keep Blogging!!

  6. When loved ones are gone, they may physically go..but will remain as parts of us..as 'live structures' inside our brains..will keep on inspiring us..
    very touching..

  7. This was very touching, Usha


  8. Indy.. indeed.. she will be smiling. So much loved was she. Thanks for making me feel better about it:)

    Biju, thank you. Indeed the loss will always be with one, though we keep the happy memories and let them go to a happier place. Thank you for the heartwarming words.

    Devika, thank you.

  9. My condolences, thoughts and prayers, ma'am...

    One can only take solace with the fact that there is no more suffering. Eternal peace. Sometimes I wonder if the "other side" is really painless, blissful...

    Emotive, very...


  10. Karthik, thank you. Very very much.


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