Thursday, 12 March 2009


It's Spring-
Wafting music
And fragrance
In the warm air.

Only on the outside.

I wait, like the
Selfish Giant,
for Spring to visit-
My heart;

I wait, for the
Benediction of
A loving thought
that I know
will come.

I'll wait;
For Spring
will not deny me.


I believe.

16 February, '08

Re-post :)


  1. A lovely poem, Usha :)

    not been here for a the others too...good ones :)


  2. that was very encouraging. love the self belief! :)

    i'll wait, for spring will not deny me, cannot. for i believe...

    its beautifully said usha ma'm! :)

  3. Waiting for an instance is perhaps one of the most defining part of our lives, isnt it? We know we will pass the instance, but even then we wait!

    Anticipation!!!! For the many things to happen!

  4. from despair to belief in a heartbeat..:)and thats the beauty of it..
    and then I think no,it cannot simply be called a belief..
    It is a stuuborn refusal to accept anything less than what the heart it not?:)

    And so with such a stong conviction,how can Spring deny you indeed?

    ''I'll wait;
    For Spring
    will not deny me.


    I believe.''

    I believe too:)

    ((hugs):) for all the dreams and the fierce beliefs that do come true,will come true... that you share here:)

    Spring..and your words ..a beautiful combination:)

  5. spring will surely shower loads and loads of loveliness all around :)

  6. I believe... :)
    simply touching!

  7. Devika, thank you :)

    Vinay, thank you too :)

    Rakesh, you put it across so well. Indeed, the wait, the longing, is what defines one's life at so many points in existence, and as you say, though we do know, we still wait :) Thank you for the visit and for sharing that:)

    Meg, A stubborn refusal to accept anything less than that, indeed is the heart of the write. How beautifully you too have captured it; in a similar vein, but a more passionate one, to Rakesh's observation too! Thank you, thank you thank you :) I like the strength of your belief too, and how it spreads from those words to the heart! Thanks!!!

    Praveen, I do hope so too, for everyone :) Thank you!!

    Sanket, thank you, so very much!

  8. Usha,
    It is spring here in US and believe me, it is truly a beautiful sight.
    "Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” - Doug Larson.

  9. I think I needed to hear this after the Rabbit Hole of expectations is taking me to a unknown territory, of unknown outsomes!

    This instils belief back in its place. Hopefully it is not misplaced :)

  10. As they say, when winter's here, can spring be far behind? :)

    Belief and hope count so much in our lives. Beautiful post ma'am...

    Guess who's back? No cookies for correct guesses... ;)

    Peace. Be well.

  11. Hi, i am in transit and will get back to regular blogging after a few days.

  12. Beautuful....may the spring visit u soon n the "Quest..." be filled with lots f evrnew flowers...!!

  13. Beautiful..
    waiting patiently is wisdom.nature teaches us that..could feel the longing of a seed...of a seasonal that dark cloud just before breaking a silent stadium experiencing the 89th minute..

  14. I am not very poetically inclined, but cannot pass such divine words, "I believe", because that is all there is to life and living.

  15. 'Spring will not deny me'! How wonderfully expressed Usha!

  16. lovely the way you ended it

  17. This is good!! I'm sorry, could not read this earlier, I was not well and in bed rest

    Keep Blogging!!

  18. Ah! i loved it
    sooth's the heart :)

  19. Sal , thanks so much! Another wonder of a quote:) I admire the way you always have the apt one!

    Prabhu ..Hope is never misplaced, and neither is belief :) God Bless! And thank you for the good words!

    Bindhu Unny , thank you so much...for the visit and the kind words!

    Kartz , good to see you back... :) And thank you! I need to visit your space as well.. will do so , soon I hope!

    Balvinder Singh , No problem at all... look forward to reading from your blog as well. It's been a long time! Thank you for letting me know!

    Merin Jose , thank you so much!

    MAN IN PAINTING , waiting patiently is wisdom you say. So wonderfully put across! I love the way you draw parallels and thereby give so much more to the write, and make it seem quite like something so good! Thanks so much for that!!!

    J P Joshi Indeed, that is what I have always believed... in belief:) Thank you Sir!

    Shail, a delight hearing that from you! Thank you!!

    Raghav thank you so much!

    Biju Mathews , am sorry to hear you have not been well. Hope you are much better now. Thank you for the note and for making time to read it and be here!

    Shalu, thank you :)


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