Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Honour of Proximity!

It is but a world, virtual
And yet, how utterly real...
In terms of time, space, and
Endless entities,
One meets oneself:

Sometimes in another's voice
Sometimes in the feeling it evokes
Sometimes, just a whiff of its fair breeze...

For, Camaraderie
Blessed am I!
Virtually real, and
Really so special!

For acknowledgement
Of that knowing and the sharing

For Proximity of notions
Beliefs, and the sense of humanity!

Thank you dear friends
Indian Homemaker and
Hitchwriter, and Deeps too
for an honour
Richly appreciated
And humbly received!

7 January, 2008

Thank you very much, IHM and Dhiren and Deeps. Honoured, truly. And in keeping with the tradition, I would like to pass these awards forward to ...
Edited to add: Honourned to receive from Rukhiya too..:) Thanks dear girl!!

The Citation of the Proximity Award

These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

It gives me deep joy to share this with eight other friends

for ever inspiring, motivating, appreciating, and most of all for the gems of poetry he shares. Who would say that he's an engineer? An awesome poet, to the core.

For her brilliance of expression, in verse and prose. A doctor in the making, a litterateur by instinct, a dancer too, her work gives me gooseflesh!

The voice that speaks up for those without one, adds more to those who do have one, instigates one to go on forward, and be an Indian :)

Yer another doctor in the making, a bright spark of life, in letters, feelings emotions, and the energy of her imagery in verse!

for the Sheer and Simple joy that transmutes and transmits itself from her poetry to your inner self. She is akin to a Sufi poet, for me :)

Prabhu Dutta Das
for the most amazing comments, :), and the posts he shares on his space :)

His verse appeals, his notes give warmth, and he always leaves you with Peace!


The Solitary Writer, Stephen
for the way he relentlessly explores frontiers of writing, in poetry, prose and fiction!

Edited to add:
Since I have been kindly awarded this one again from Rukhiya, and Shail, I would also like to add these bloggers , who have in some way touched me with their work, for the veracity of their writing, and the passion with with they LIVE

Rakesh Vanamali,
for his measured and even pace of writing, his numerous tributes to persons known and unknown, and for some lovely nostalgic memories of Ooty he brings to me!

Aareet Krsna
for visions conjoured with words and letters, engaging one in thinking out of the box and at the same time dishing out some extraordinary poetry!

Meena, or Winnie the Pooh :)
Amazing poetry, beautiful blog, and the warmest of words to share!

Sanket too, for his
Verses that create visuals startling and beautiful! His word play and

Corinne Rodrigues
For narrative and verses of inspiration she shares with us!

Man In Painting
His incisive use of words, that enchant, and create a hundred different mirrors to reflect meaning, is simply out of this world. In each of his pieces there is a painting in words!

Amit Khanduri
A Naval Officer, who has strong views, writes beautiful poetry and thought provoking prose. Some great reviews too!

Congratulations to you all dear friends. Do pass it onward !!


  1. Congrats Usha! Reading your blog, I can safely say that you deserve it :) The poem for the award was good too. Please take your time, whenever you are free you are welcome to my blog world...:)

  2. Thank you Mithe. Indeed I am long overdue for a visit :) It is only today that I find myself wading into blogosphere, after a long break. So I should get there soon!

  3. Seeing the beauty of it I am jumping within myself. But then I shall again be tempted to copy you :)

    BTW, I am 7/8th of Engineer already :) Thought engineers should pick up force against the doctors :P


    Here, I give it right back to you dearest Teacher :)

  5. Prabhu and Rukhiya, congrats again :):)

    Lol, Prabhu :) It's going to be a War of Workforces too, is it? Seriously, you young ones have really made my day, in the kind of talent you have and share:)

    Keep the good work going!

  6. nice 2 c u back aftr a long time..hope 2 read ur poems soon
    congrats for the award..and thanks too:D

  7. Honoured. Period.

    Thank you ma'am. It sure did light up what has otherwise been a pretty dull fortnight.

    Trust you had a wonderful time over the X-Mas New Year week. I did, too. I visited my grandparents on X-Mas day and wished them. Little did I realize then that I my eyes would have beheld him for the last time. Of course, I heard him over the phone the day before he expired. Yet...

    C'est la vie. :)

    Will enter Blogging mode soon. Very soon.

    Thank you, again. Coming from you, it is indeed something more than just *special*.


  8. Congratulations for the award Usha and thanks for sharing it with us!

    But you left my line incomplete above :(( ...
    ha ha... well i'm just glad you read all my stuff and comment, really. keep doing that and that's my award!

    and the above poem's pretty cool too...

  9. Usha Ma'am

    Many Congratulations on the well deserved award!
    Thanks very much for passing it to me! I am greatly appreciative of this gesture of recognition and the very kind words that you have used!

    Warm Regards


  10. Dearest Ushaji,
    Congratulations.Thank you so much for sharing it .
    standing on a precipice where words end and the sky begin...
    I consider this gift special, because it was given by a person like you.
    Quest never ends

  11. Good post, Usha

    nice to see you back :)


  12. Congratulations for the award...its really nice to be here.. All the best...

  13. Great to meet you and greet you here Usha

  14. Congratulations and I don't have enough thanks inside me to pour it all and still show how overwhelmed I am!

    Its just been an honour to know you Ka'am.

    Take care.

  15. Congratulations! and thank you!
    You seem to have put so much thought and effort into finding just those perfect words to commend every one of your awardees. It makes me very happy. :D

  16. I wish I were as expressive as you have been,Usha!Its been a pleasure knowing you as a fellow blogger despite not having had the good fortune of meeting you.I hope I do meet you though at some point in my life.
    Congratulations once again.You deserve every bit of the award:)

  17. Woo hooo, congratulations to all!
    Looks like it is raining prizes and awards in the new year! Here's hoping that I will get to see more great works from all of you.

  18. whoa!

    Late i am i know! been busy house shifting and all! thank you so :D

  19. Thanks everyone.. wl come back with a detailed thank you :)

    Recovering from a bad case of viral, and cold turkey, lol, not having my internet connection due to a faulty modem :(

    Such is the plight of a blogaddict!!

    Thanks for the warm words, congratulations to the winners once again; it's great to be in blogdom all over again!

    Wl be back in a couple of days!

  20. thank uuuuuuuuuu :)

    ur special for me too :)

  21. Praveen, nice to see you too :) Congrats!

    Karthik, that is very sweet of you and it makes it more special for your having said it :) Thank you :) And congrats again!

    Sanket, that finally is the reward and award that we all love, readers, and empathizers :)Sorry about having left the note about you incomplete. Let me check again. Hate it when I do something to mess up sentences, like that :)
    Congrats too!

    Rakesh, I do mean it all :) Thanks again :) For your words, and congrats on the awards!

    MIP, what a wonderful way to look at it :) And as always, you do something special each time you pain a word picture, like now :) Congrats too!

    Devika, thank you :)

    Daydreamer :) Thank you :)

    Sapna, thank you so much also!

    Soumya, that honour is what I would like to share too. The pleasure knowing you, however virtually, has made a lot of difference and brought in so much more than I could possible say :) Thank you for you :)

    aareet, the effort as you put it was something I really enjoyed doing! It really was! Congrats to you too!

    Sash... :) :) Congrats!

    Deeps, thanks to you that the post got to be at all.. :) Thanks so very very much for sharing it and for coming back to share in it again :)

    Salil, it is to be hoped for surely :) That we'll get to read more wonderful posts everywhere :)

    Meena :) congrats!

    Shalu, likewise, likewise :) Thanks and congrats!!!

  22. Thank you for the Proximity award. I receive it humbly on behalf of all the technicians, spot boys, behind the scene artists et al. The team of 'Who thinks like me' is indebted to the Usha awards.

    Thank you:)

  23. Amit, that is lovely acceptance speech; you sure sound like you have practised it well. Lol! :)

    Thank you for finally coming around to take a look :) Hope to see it grace your sidebar, on the blog :)


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