Monday, 19 January 2009

Curtain Call :)

It's been a great day out,
And the show was great
Wasn't it?

Wearing words
Flailing quills
Battling notions
Breathing emotion

Tumbling in
And then out,
At the end of this
Fine fine day,

I take the Curtain Call
To say Thank you
Thank you, and
Thank you :)

I dip a curtsy
I make that bow too
I am charmed by you too
You see :) :)

For I should not be here
Saying these silly sweet nothings
If it weren't for you
And all your Wonderful Somethings!

*Waving flying kisses*

Thank you dear visitors
And readers
And blog hoppers:)

God Bless and
God Speed!

19 January, 2009


In thanks for all the honour of the awards :) Do drop by and pick up yours, if you haven't already :) :)


  1. Hehehe Oldschool;innocent.
    Lovely exercise!

  2. This sounds kind of ominous. Curtain calls are for endings. Well, tomorrow is another day and another show. We can wait :)

    By the way, I couldn't comment on your posts with Internet Explorer as the browser, it showed some error, had to access the page via Firefox. Is the problem just for me?

  3. Aareet, yu would know :) Thanks!

    Roopa, lol. Not calling it a day, just trying something weird as always, by using the Curtain Call, to express thanks :) Yes there have been problems of late with both explorer[ dont use it much actually!] and Firefox [more comfy with that one]. Thank you :) Tomorrow is indeed another day to meet greet visit and take that curtain call at the end of the Day! :) :)

  4. Aww! *curtsies right back* For I am in the dias too :D

  5. aah.. am relieved to note that u do plan to continue blogging.. :--) this is one of my fave templates.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful way of putting it.:)

    'Wearing words
    Flailing quills
    Battling notions
    Breathing emotion'

    Wah!Simply Beautiful!
    And so, I too take this opportunity to bow to you O'Bearer of Happy Tidings!and of hopes found anew!

  7. hi usha ma'm... hope this doesn't mean u r calling it a day so early... its very nice words!! :)

    i liked the verse

    *Wearing words
    Flailing quills
    Battling notions
    Breathing emotion*

    the most! :)

  8. :) Beautiful verses...


  9. What a beautiful way of expressing the emotion! And here, I take this opportunity to thank you for those lovely words of wisdom and for being so encouraging and spirited always! Thank you! *a big hug*

    PS-Looking at the title, I got a little scared. Thank God! And yes, a big thank you for taking forward the poem so wonderfully. Am truly truly honored. *bows* :)

  10. Meena, :) Thanks to you, and that was such a pretty flouncy curtsy too :)

    Dhiren, :)

    How do we know :) I know, it seems what it is not, really :) Thanks for the warmth of the words you shared here!

    Indyeah :) :) O Bearer of Happy Memories, that was a very sweet thing to say too :) Thankssss!

    Vinay, no, am not :) Hopefully the muse will not abandon me and leave me a mournful waif.. :) Till then I'll keep perfoming, lol, and taking those curtain calls :) Picture abhi baaki hai ... [OSO :)] Thanks for the good words!

    Karthik :) :) Thank you!

    Tara, thank you really for accepting that poem, and this :) I had a great time adding that bit.. but then you gave a wonderful start to it.. and it is the beginnings that always define what comes, is something that I have believed in most of the time!

  11. Amzingly beautiful!!!
    Great..Congrats..... :)


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