Saturday, 21 February 2009


Tinkles, felt like rippling
Those intrinsic movements
that flow into each other
with such
in dream-like flash...

Soothing sounds like
gentle waves lapping cool
around the ankles, leading
to a euphoria;

so sudden as a fresh spray
tangy water;
like a breathless gasp
in a cold shower.

4 October, '83


  1. The Quest starts anew!!You are back..:)))((hugs)))

    *sighs* *happy sighs*

    let me take this in first...these words were missed ...missed like you wouldnt believe...

    ''Those intrinsic movements
    that flow into each other
    with such
    in dream-like flash...''

    beautiful Usha....Will I run out of these 'beautifuls' one day?
    For,what else can I call it?

    the way you have described it...
    and then in the next words you take us from''soothing sounds'' to ''a breathless gasp in a cold shower''...

    Reading the last ones I did go brrr...:D

    the transition from soothing sounds and gentle waves to cold brrr like showers ...:)))

    and this ''so sudden as a fresh spray
    of tangy water;''...the imagery you evoke...

  2. Indyeah, Meg, that was an awesome comment too :) And I know those words have somehow transformed from mere letters, to feelings in the way you have shared exactly what it means to you:) Now that is as pleasant as being on the edge of the water, with the waves lapping my ankles, and listening to the pleasant sounds of nature:) Thank you, thank you ... everrrrrr so much!

    Meena, ummm... lovely to hear that delightful sound too :) Thank you!

  3. this is so lovely and delightful.... refreshing like the gentle waves....touching .. soothing... singing

  4. This poem would be a delight on a Hot summer's day.
    Its freshhhhh and cool :)

  5. " a euphoria;

    so sudden as a fresh spray
    tangy water"

    Almost felt the fresh spray on my face reading this Usha!

  6. This is smooooooth...

    suddenly i feel summer is coming ..!

  7. Speechless yet again...I have run out of words. :)

  8. Now, this one totally blew me off :)

  9. Splendid! Simple yet very heartening.


    Usha saw the link on a blog...This is for you:))

  11. Oooohhh..! :) Another one from your poetry trove!

    Loved it, ma'am... :)


  12. a different one from you, i felt Just delightful, Usha :)


  13. In the silence of my room while i read this, i could hear some soft music oozing out of it.

  14. very very beautiful! nature at its best:)

  15. Beautiful..beautiful nature at its best:)

  16. Wish to stand in shower whole day long...heat is heating up by the hour...
    Guess My quest stretches far beyond the quest for heaven....
    Similarity in name and blog hopping brought me here :-)

  17. what will we get when we divide 'second'in to million parts...what is the feeling that rush to us when 'that unexpected curve' brings electricity inside the brain whenever we hear a great joke..what calmness we feel in those cool evenings when we do nothing but staring at the starts...
    "that" was what this post brings...

  18. Thank you so much, everyone, for being here, and leaving your precious words on the write.

    I am sorry for not having been here, to individually reply to your comments, and will certainly do so at the earliest. :) Thank you, once again, for your patience and your kindness. Indebted, endlessly :)

  19. Meenakshi, thank you so much!

    Shalu, :)That is a delightful note too. Thank you!

    Shail, thank you so much. To have you say you felt that spray, is again a joy :) More refreshed than ever with your note too!

    Dhiren, Summer is here, the only problem is that it's the heat that has arrived, with none of the promised showers :) Thanks for the lovely way you looked at this too!

    Tara, :) :) Thank you !!!

    Rukhiya, awww.. thank you so much!!!

    Mahita, thanks, and thanks again!

    Indy, Meg, that is so nice of you... I do hope others will also pick up the link and try their hand. Me? *Smiling* don't know really :) Thanks so much for sharing that!

    Karthik, :) Thanks so much!

    Devika, thank you for the delightful comment too. :)

    Elithraniel Arawion, :) thanks so much!

    Balvinder, Wow! Now that is a tingling comment:) Tinkling one too :) Thank you for that wonderful wonderful way you read it and listened to it :) blessed!

    Meena:( been looking for myself too :( Finally found me :) :) Yaaayyyyy! :)

    Unwritten, thanks so much!

    Mithe :) :) Thank you!

    Viajero, the summer here too makes one feel like that :) Hmm.. similarity in nomenclature, but yes, yours goes far beyond :) Thank you for the visit, and the kind words!

    MIP..:) Awed. My God to think this little write has brought you to share "that"... blessed is this write. Truly. Thanks so very very very much. Honoured, and so very happy too!


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