Thursday, 12 February 2009

My Love For You!

My love for you-

Is so tender
like the brush of
the silken feathery touch
of a butterfly's wings...

Is so deep
as the unfathomable
depth of
the ocean of Love...

Soars to that
rain-rinsed rainbow
and ever higher, to
the stars twinkling forever.

Is All encompassing
as the expanse of
Timeless Space.

Animations - alien-blue

Is as real as my heart beats:
Each beat a poem of love,

For you-
Only for you!

So true is my love for you.

6 April, '96

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  1. Love again, Usha? :)

    But the tenderness of your words, holds me back :))


  2. Alllllll mush, paints me pink :)

  3. Love and so many ways that you have described it in.....countless ways..each one new...:)

    ''Is as real as my heart beats:
    Each beat a poem of love,
    For you-
    Only for you''
    your posts make me all fluttery....and dewy eyed...:)

    and the red heart is back again
    *sigh*I love it...:)

  4. Ah! Sigh Magic again, yet again. :) Valentine greetings. :)

  5. The red heart is back again ....

    hey poet... wonderful...


  6. If I ever fall head over heels for someone, I know whose works to unabashedly steal/plagiarize. ;D

    I am not amazed. :) No, not at all...




  7. Devika, indeed Love Again :) It's what the world needs right now, I guess, and all the times :) Thank you for your kind words :)

    Shalu, :) :) mush it is, and pink it is becoming!

    Indygurl, Meg indeed I love that beating heart.. and had such a tough time getting it to beat.. :) Thank you so much for the sighs and the sentiments you share :) :)

    Painting the Savanna, thank you :) :)

    Tara, more sighs, and sigh, again :) Lol.. greetings to you too.. :) And yours.. :)

    Dhiren, :) :) Thank you :)

    Karthik, so long as I am introduced to the Damsel Dearest, I do not mind :) :) So that I can tell her too, ......... that this is a fine young man :D!!!Thanks! And yes, may love visit and stay with you :)

  8. Deal! :) :) :) The pleasure would be all mine! Am in no hurries though...

    For now, am single and loving it! :) And I love it when this puzzles my mom - she goes something like, "You are in touch with quite a few women, all right. And yet you are never committed."

    Of course, I know the inner pride with which she feels that. ;)

    Thanks a lot for those kind words ma'am... :) Are u on orkut/facebook, btw?


  9. Usha, your words reflect the stars in your eyes, dreams in your mind and that loud and constant thumping of your heart. Lovely poem.

  10. As always i find a lot of material here to impress my dear one.. U are amazing madam !! This is the second link from your blog that I have forwarded I guess.

    Your pic the display pic?? Proudly bearing the sons cap ? My salutes to you.. people really dont know the strength of army wives and army moms..and your both in one :D

  11. Karthik, lol... :) Well, that is a careful sentiment too, to make the most of what you have. Your mom is rightly proud of you too :) Yes am on Orkut.. :)Ask Praveen :)

    Balvinder, the write shows up all of that?? Oh dear! I am writing too much then :) :) Thanks for the wonderful note on it :)

    Wolfy, it gladdens my heart to see you here :) You know how much :) That is the son's cap yes.. after his first long voyage, he came and gave it to me :) So it's precious commodity :) And yes, I know you know how it is with moms.. :) Thanks so much, so very much!

  12. one of your simplest peom till date..:D
    but I loved it nevertheless

  13. whoa! your feelings touched a chord here!
    Its not silly as you have categorised...beautiful, beautiful Usha:)

  14. Praveen, thank you :D!

    Mithe, thank you for not looking upon it as a silly write :) :) Very very much!


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