Sunday, 27 January 2008

Growing old together...

Today is just
another day.

Waking, greeting
my life, and the
early morning sun.

Doing Yoga

Sitting back
to reflect
Eighty-nine years
And most spent

Remembering your
We'll grow old

Our nestlings have
flown -
found their mates
(and we hope)
to grow old together

And then again, here we are
On the threshold of another
moment...... together.

At night,
held close in
the warm embrace
of your love...
I smile and begin
to ask-

The promise...

Shush! he whispers
His eyes glowing
His face crinkling into

Don't you feel it?
We're growing young together!!

In the strength of
his love, our love,
I smile, into his shoulder...

Yes, today was just another
beautiful day... together!

Usha, 12 April, 07


  1. beautiful!!! so mucha love! lovely diz one!

  2. This is as sensuous as it gets ,that too out of nothing special but just a day spent between the two...

  3. Will I have this I wonder?....and then another part of me says....If I ask enough,convincingly and persistently, will you give me this ?...just pray ......that will be enough....

    I want this day too....just 'another day'....and the promise I want that and dad are growing younger too...and you too show a side of share a side of yours that's personal and so beautiful.....Is this why you are so popular with your students?Why you understand them so much?Give me the secret too...
    I want to grow young too....after a promise has been given...and Eighty nine years ......
    Do pray will you?:)

  4. Will pray that you have this too... that you get that promise, that you hold that promise close to your heart, as you are held too :) And that you may be blessed to be together!

    Oh oh.. popularity with the kids? Well, I don't know about that :) I am rather a tigress.. a lioness, sorry [Leo's could never say otherwise, lol!], so I don't really know! Would like to believe all you say.. hehehe.. :)

    The secret is simply this... and you know it, but I shall tell you anyways:D!! Makes me feel important, hehehe!
    That you keep your heart young.. stay as young as the children or the young people in your care, if you teach; and even otherwise, just live, love, smile and care.. :) :)

    Why am I telling you this, when a lot of it is what I have got from you :)!!!

    Loved your note here, so very much. I will pray. And that is a promise!

  5. Thanks for those words.....and you are being so modest...dont have a light all your own...or maybe thats your charm?I have so much to learn much....

    ''That you keep your heart young.. stay as young as the children or the young people in your care, if you teach; and even otherwise, just live, love, smile and care.. :) :) ''

    a secret locked and tucked away in a corner of my heart..:)
    Thank you...:)
    so much....

  6. Maggie Indyeah..:) Thanks so much, so very much. It brings much comfort to have you assure me :)

  7. That was from the top draw ma'am... One of the best I have read yet! Thank you for the link... :)


  8. :) Kathik, that was a top draw comment too! thank you!!

  9. This is absolutely divinely beautiful!! How I love it. Usha, kudos!


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