Thursday, 7 April 2011

Reasons and Seasons

Did I ever need reason?
Realization dawned.
Just yesterday.

When, all of a sudden
The masks fell, and
Dammed emotion
Broke its bounds.

In our million moments
Togetherness - taken for granted?
Acceptance - given, denied
Rationalized, ignored.

Do I know you?
Am I still that mystery
You claimed I was?

The hurricane of trauma
When it struck
Put us on that hurdy-gurdy
Of an endless roller-coaster ride.
Pain. How many kinds are there?
All I know is this:
Each day I find one more.

And yet.
A Blessing.
A Benediction.
Invisible, tightly bound
Strongly held,
We were pulled together-
Into the eye of the storm.

Limp, spent, exhausted
We just hold each other close.
No more words-
Only tears - each drop, gracious
Each, only ours - not yours, not mine.

It is the season of knowing
Of Thanksgiving
Of Completeness-
Finding one more piece of
Each other-
That fit, just so right.

That's reason enough.
For now.

7 April, 2011


  1. When the jigsaw pieces finally fell into place
    filling up rapidly the in between space.
    Changing the ever contorted face and the grimace;
    into something so beautiful and so full of grace.
    Running eternally in circles to find some solace
    here at last I chance upon the much needed peace.

    Usha just wonderful. Hope you will get more time to write such soul stirring verse.

  2. Govind. Sigh. Time. Never there :) So these words just force themselves out! Thanks as always, for being there to grace the rambles here! Bless you!


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