Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Safe Passage

For all those yesterdays
That you don't want me
To recall-

For all those memories
You want me to set free
From my stubborn hold-

For all the love, I thought, I had
In those yesterdays, with those memories...

You now offer me
A deal.

You promise me this:

That only in their redemption
and safe passage into the
Place they belong - the Past,
Will I find myself again;
And Love-
With you.

An offer I cannot refuse;
Stepping out of my past,
and into the circle of your love,

I am finally

And captivated!

13 October, '07


  1. Yet, it is tough to let that past go. Isn't it?? For love was then too. But how wonderful to be captivated once again :)
    Love it.

  2. Shail, thank you :)

    Anu, read your lovely words on Disqus, but I do not know how to import it here, and it does not seem to show itself. :( Thanks for the note!

  3. Is there any other way?
    than being a willing prey.
    Whatever anyone may say
    I just love yesterday.

    A paradox, into the past by forgetting the past.

    And finally I could resist. Paul Mcartney's YESTERDAY.

  4. Wonderful, perfect writing, though left me feeling a bit sad...

  5. Govind, with love there little leeway
    You're in yesterday, and today
    Wondering if there is a middle way
    Finding, to utter desperation, oneself prey!

    Thanks, and yes, a paradox that is. Most things one tries to resolve, in life somehow, are. Love that Beatles' song. And this one, by the Carpenters!

    Aayushi, thanks so much :)


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