Sunday, 10 February 2013

Twinkle Toes :D

Life's too short..
And there's only a rainbow
After it rains;
So why do you still want
To be a wallflower
Dying to turn to the Sun
And gaily toss your pert little 
Beautiful head, 
Giggle away, and forget
Your nerves... :)
You've got twinkle toes,
You have...
Didn't you just see?
And don't you worry
You'll find them again
When your eyes twinkle too
On that special day,
You bring home love :)
All I shall say now is...
Get on it, Girl!
My twinkle toes are tapping too!
Impatiently, I might add
To do that two-step
Or just let my hair down...
In all those steps... :D
So here's to us
And here's to fun
And here's to all of you
Who love your
Twinkle Toes... :)
10 February, 2013

Post-Reception where Omana and I had a great time :D
And plotted for the next time we would :D
(Sadly the pic to go with this one will have to wait :) )


  1. Yup! Went to this reception where my friend got to make up for the fact that she missed the baraat of my elder son... :)
    And so we were planning the next one :)

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  3. To comment on this I'm late I suppose
    for I had gone into an interminable doze
    but well I wanted to know what's this Twinkle Toes
    and 'google' I did and as it goes
    there's always something to learn from your posts.


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