Saturday, 18 May 2013

Waiting in the Wings

I've been understudy too long
Even though you assure me
I'm leading lady, for you, always...
Do I take you at face-value?
Or perhaps read between the lines
Of your facetious compliment?
Compliment, it is, I presume.
I've lived the role, you know;
Once too often.
Messed up, sure, sometimes
But never the scripted ones.
Only when I tried to improvise. 
That should, perhaps, tell us a story.
Are we too written in?
Ready to be written off?
Or shall I ever, but always
Watch her rule the hearts
Of those who hang on her every nuance?
While I am waiting in the wings?

18 May 2013
Pic Courtesy Google Image Search :)


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